A Woman Has Gone Viral For Showing How Her Body Looks Before And After Eating

Busting societal beauty norms is so important in this day and age.

Thankfully, we have many champions for this. This includes these celebrities who celebrate their bodies at any size.

We also have rising influencers, such as Clare Guillem. She's a TikToker who's gone viral in the best way possible: for her video series that helps normalize bloating.

Positive body image can have a drastic impact on a person's mental health.

Studies have shown that issues surrounding body image and social media have a direct correlation. Oftentimes, the photos that we see on Instagram or Facebook have been altered, filtered, and edited to present in the best way possible.

This can cause a person to have unrealistic expectations when it comes to their body and personal fitness.

Nowadays there are filters to make your eyes look like Bambi; with only a click of a button, you can make your waist look smaller and butt look bigger.

It's almost impossible to tell for certain who is and who isn't being honest with how they really look.

Clara Guillem is looking to change all of that and inject a little honesty back into social media.

Clara is a 24-year-old TikToker from Nashville, Tennessee. On the popular video-sharing app, she's most known for going viral for her "outfits before and after eating" series.

Through her videos, Clara shows users how eating a large meal can change the appearance of an outfit on someone.

"There is nothing better than being able to see how well I nourish my body," Clara says to the camera. As she puts it, she's still drop-dead gorgeous, just well fed, and much less hangry.

Through the popular series, she's been able to help normalize bloating.

It's an insecurity most humans have. Some even avoid eating while wearing a cute outfit so that they can avoid bloat.

But Clara wants to change all that. She believes that bloating is something that's "normal and should be celebrated."

As if the message in her videos couldn't get more perfect, she also engages in positive self-talk.

With this, she shares how her body looks before and after eating. For example:

"My appearance is the least interesting thing about me. I have so many other amazing qualities, but those are suppressed when I'm hangry!"

Yaass, Queen!

Almost all of Guillem's videos have gone viral for a reason: they resonate with so many people.

"I'm kinda crying because this makes me so insecure and someone telling me that's it's totally fine makes me feel so good about myself," one user wrote. It currently has over 76 thousand likes.

"I'm glad you do this because I've honestly never seen someone bring attention to this before," wrote another.

Clara's video even had people racing out to eat. "this made me feel a lot better about my stomach and now I'm gonna go eat a pizza now :)" Mmm, make that two!

Here is another before and after:

In this one, she wore sweatpants and a crop top to the beach. But that wasn't about to stop her from enjoying some pizza by the water.

"That does not mean I'm going to deprive my body of a healthy belly," she said.

Clara recently spoke to Buzzfeed to share the goals behind her viral videos.

For instance, she started the series as a way to start a "positive conversation around the changes our bodies go through when we eat."

This largely includes not being in competition with your own body or what you post on social media.

"So often in the media, you see bloating as a negative thing, as our society has such deeply engrained fatphobia," she shared.

"In reality, no matter what size you are, your body becoming bigger shouldn’t have such a negative connotation."

A large part of her point-of-view comes from the healing she's done with her rocky past with body image.

When Clara was younger, she suffered from anorexia.

She explained that in the past, the idea of looking bloated on camera, in a bikini — or anywhere for that matter — was so paralyzing that it caused her to abstain from eating entirely.

"In reality, there was an 'event' every day that allowed my symptoms to progress," Clara explained.

She goes on to say that "It took a really long time for me to start respecting my body, and the respect came before the confidence."

Clara said that her wake up call came after finally being made to realize that her body deserved more.

Once Clara began to respect her body as if it were a temple, she began to notice drastic results in her overall mood.

In only a short time, her inner monologue began to shift as well.

"At first I was like, 'Alright, my body deserves to be nourished and taken care of,'" Clara explained.

"But it wasn't until a while later that the dialogue turned to, 'Wow, my body looks and feels amazing!'"

We're so happy she's gotten to such a good place with her self-image.

Clara's videos have even inspired other content creators on the app to create the same video series.

"When I show off my bloated stomach in my cute outfits and people can see me radiating with confidence, they feel it within themselves too! Nothing makes me feel more proud of my viewers," she shared.

As well as posting before/after meal outfit videos, Clara also has several motivational tips for low self-esteem.

In this video, Clara explains that when she woke up — she didn't like the way her face looked.

But instead of dwelling on some irrational thought, she simply decided not to look in the mirror for the rest of the day and try again tomorrow!

Clara also has an incredibly well thought out video that explains the difference between body confidence and body neutrality.

Body neutrality is embracing the idea that you don't necessarily need to feel or even look attractive in order to be happy. A person who embraces body neutrality respects all that their body does but understands that it is the least interesting thing about the.

She is living proof that you really can't live a full life on an empty stomach.

Why would you even want to try? Beauty trends come and go like flavours of the week but a happy, healthy, positive body image will carry you through life forever!

Check out her video series here!