Parents Online Are Calling To 'Normalize' Not Folding Your Children's Clothing

There are so many parts of being a mom that are so amazing. Being able to mold and shape the way children see the world is truly so special and I would never trade that for the world. However, there are also a lot of parts of being a mom that really adds zero value to my life, like folding baskets and baskets of laundry every week.

Finally, in 2021, some parents are trying to change the way we view this mundane chore and honestly, I'm all for it!

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It took a long time but we've made it, mama's!

When I was single and childless, folding my laundry was second nature, like brushing my teeth or washing dishes.

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However, as my family (and my waistline) expanded, so did my list of daily tasks. With work, motherhood, and chores taking up all my time, something had to give.

To be clear, when I thought about what I had to give up it wasn't easy!

It can't be washing dishes, we use those every day. It can't be changing out of sweatpants, I don't have the spiritual strength.

Now, parents online are banning together to normalize not folding your children's clothes.

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To be clear, they're not saying to just chuck them around the house, they're just saying to leave them unfolded in their drawers.

TikTok user Courtney, who posts as @playroominspo on TikTok, shared a video that has started a movement.

"Normalize not folding your kid's clothes," she says, as a video of her putting her kid's laundry away plays in the background.

"I timed putting these clothes away, and it was four minutes."

"So much better than clothes piled up for days waiting to be folded…I don't even pair socks. No-fold system for the win," she added.

Parents in the comments couldn't believe they hadn't thought of that sooner!

"We can do that? Why did no one tell me!" one enthusiastic parent commented.

"I don't even fold my clothes," echoed a different parent.

"Oh, this is the parenting I'm here for," agreed another.

I, being the student of science that I am, decided to dig further into this "no fold" method.

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As it turns out, there's a lot of parents speaking about this on many different social media platforms — who knew?

A video posted by YouTuber The Secret Slob timed herself organizing her kid's clothes after a load of laundry.

It took her like three minutes to do with the no fold method!

And hey, this doesn't mean you shouldn't ever fold your children's laundry!

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It just means that sometimes, your energy is better used to spend quality time with those kids, or take a nap — I'm not here to judge.

Would you ever try doing this, or have you ever try doing this?

If your kids are grown up, do you wish you knew about this hack earlier?

Let us know in the comments below!

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