10+ Times People Met Celebrities At Random Places

Most people have a hard time thinking of celebrities as just regular people. But that's just what they are — people. Which means they live in the real world, just like the rest of us.

If you're lucky, like these fans below, you might even have the chance of spotting your favorite celeb in the wild. Have a look and check out these 10+ times people met celebrities at random places.

Pulling out Blue Steel while sitting courtside with Ben Stiller.

These two young Knicks fans spotted Ben from their seats. They then ran to greet him at halftime, shouting his name from a few rows up.

After they'd gotten his attention, Ben came over to say hello and strike a pose.

Dave Chapelle takes his Emmy with him wherever he goes.

imagine going out for your morning coffee run and seeing Dave Chapelle sitting on the patio with his Emmy, smoking a cig.

Dave supposedly sat for more than 30 minutes, graciously chatting with everyone who walked by.

Will the real Sophie Turner please stand up?

This fan was coerced into performing in a karaoke bar and opted to perform Eminem's immortal classic, "The Real Slim Shady."

They weren't even halfway through the first bar when all of a sudden Sophie materialized and started rapping alongside them.

Don't leave your phone unattended around Tom Hanks.

Several years ago, @whittlz was out and happened to leave his phone in the same room as Tom Hanks. When he came back to get it, he discovered this photo on his photo reel.

What's even better is that the two of them never actually met!

Imagine waiting on Will Ferrell in a Mexican restaurant.

This anonymous fan approached Will to ask if she could snap a photo. The legendary comedian politely declined, due to the fact that he was mid-meal.

Fellow dinner guest Jason Sudeikis implored Will, arguing that he didn't even have to look at the camera — which is precisely what Will did.

Harry Styles knows how to keep a secret.

At a Halloween party hosted by Robin Thicke, an excited fan accidentally knocked over Robin's expensive telescope.

It was at this moment they locked eyes with Harry Styles who said "I won't tell if you don't."

That's the wrong Jimmy.

This flustered young fan was accompanying her mother to the 2012 Presidential Election polls. After noticing the host of The Tonight Show standing in line she asked "Are you, Jimmy Kimmel?"

Jimmy just laughed and replied "Jimmy Fallon," while shaking the young girl's hand.

A Starbucks run-in with Robert Downey Jr.

Around the time that the first Iron Man film was released, Robert Downey Jr. was spotted standing in line for Starbucks by @katenicolai. They said that the barista asked, "Hey, aren't you that guy from that movie?"

To which RDJ replied "Weird Science? Yeah, that was me."

Larry David has a strict no-selfie policy.

Theater buff @camirang met Larry outside after a performance of his play "Fish in the Dark."

Surprisingly enough, Larry agreed to take photos with everyone — so long as it wasn't a selfie. In true Larry David fashion, he hated every minute of it.

A truly Tenacious photobomb

@juliafritas was working backstage during the Rock in Rio Music Festival.

She was trying to get a picture of Jack Black and Kyle Gass' band, Tenacious D, but Jack insisted that she get in the photo with them.

Owen Wilson really does crash the occasional wedding.

@trazeng and her husband met the Wedding Crashers star on the night of their wedding. Apparently, Owen was booked to stay at the same hotel as their wedding party.

He decided to join them in the bar for a candid photo and a toast to their health!

What would you do if you were rear-ended by Rocky Balboa?

While stopped at a red light, @kcemaas was accidentally rear-ended by Sylvester Stallone.

Sly apparently felt terrible and after ensuring that the young fan and her car were indeed alright, he asked if she wanted to pose for a picture.

Sage advice from the Red-headed Stranger.

This young fan had the pleasure of shuttling Willie to the stage during an outdoor concert performance.

The pair shared a joint en route before Willie said "one final thing kid, never drink and drive when you can smoke and fly!"

Snoop Dogg loves and respects all living things.

According to Twitter user @misskristinyoo, they ran into big Snoop Dogg in an elevator. Apparently, one of Snoop's bodyguards was trying to kill a moth that had someone managed to become trapped inside.

Snoop Dogg protested and told his security "Nah man, let it live."

This lucky fan met Britney Spears while on vacation in Hawaii.

According to @sarajensen, she was on a family vacation in Maui when her little sister started screaming that she'd just seen Britney Spears.

The two girls left the buffet line and caught up to Britney just in time to snap this picture.

Can you imagine sharing a bagel with Timothée Chalamet?!

This lucky fan was working in the very bagel shop that Tim and his friend happened to walk into.

Not only was the rising young star incredibly polite, but he's also a pretty good tipper!

What would you do if Woody Allen offered to help you move?

This couple ran into Woody while they were moving apartments. Apparently, the former Cheers star was looking for the nearest Citi Bike station.

After they'd looked up the address, Woody stuck around to chat and asked if he could help!

Whoopi Goldberg is the best lunch date.

According to Instagram user @laney0228, her school lacrosse team decided to take a pitstop at a local deli. When the team went inside, they were surprised to discover Whoopi sitting quietly and enjoying lunch.

She took pictures with the whole team and even paid the bill!

Car shopping with Missy Elliot

When @cameronpalatas was only 12-years-old, they ran into Missy E while she was shopping for cars (at the Lamborghini dealership, no less).

Cameron asked Missy's permission to sit in her car, and the rap icon happily agreed.

What would you if you had the opportunity to sing N*SYNC with Joey Fatone?

Instagram user @lucioandreozzi signed up for a celebrity promotion through Baskin Robbins. Little did he know that joey Fatone of N*SYNC would be the one dropping off the frozen treats!

The video of these two singing "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" is as good as it gets.

Paul Rudd bleeds for Kansas City.

Two friends attending a Jayhawks game in KC were growing increasingly upset with the person sitting in front of them for lude and obnoxious behavior.

After they complained loud enough so that the man could hear, he became incredibly apologetic and even offered to pose for a photo. That man's name was Paul Rudd.

The force is strong with Daisy Ridley

A young woman was out at Blind Dragon in LA when she had the misfortune of getting her period. Since she had no tampons on hand, the young girl frantically began stuffing paper towels down her pants.

Then, out of nowhere, Daisy Ridley appeared with a tampon in hand.

Chris Rock is always on.

When @iamzcm was only 10-years-old, they ran into Chris Rock while attending a New York Knicks game. After working up the courage to approach Rock for an autograph, the legendary comedian replied "Sorry, no white kids on Tuesdays!"

Michael J. Fox is a man of the people.

Instagram user @jamie_d_poma was working as a set filler during the Emmy Awards. After sitting for close to fifteen minutes, they were ecstatic to see Michael J. Fox walking towards them.

The Back to the Future star was incredibly gracious and thanked Jamie for warming his seat.

Chrissy Teigen flew a fan to meet her.

Instagram user @tonyjmaroney has a YouTube channel wherein he cooks recipes from Chrissy's cookbook. Somehow, Chrissy caught wind of his channel and was a huge fan.

Apparently, Chrissy was just as/if not even more excited to meet Tony than he was to meet her.

Jennifer Garner helped a pregnant mother feel beautiful about herself.

A pregnant mother-to-be was in the washroom at Soho House in Malibu, feeling down and depressed about her physical appearance.

All of a sudden, in walks Jennifer Garner who remarked on how beautiful the young woman was. "You're creating life," Jennifer said. "There's nothing more beautiful than that."

It's always wine o'clock in Pamela Anderson's mind.

Instagram user @pilot.katie was volunteering at the David Foster fundraising gala in Victoria, B.C.. It was their job to usher celebrities from the entrance to the green room.

While en route, Pamela turned and said "Let's go find a crate of wine before I have to talk to anyone boring."

Even Jason Statham gets tummy aches.

This former Tulane student had ventured out to Whole Foods after a particularly hectic night of drinking. They reached for the ginger root at the same time as Jason Statham.

Being the gentleman that he is, Jason allowed the young woman to keep the ginger root.

Anne Hathaway cares for the youth of tomorrow.

Anne was attending a democratic convention back in 2016 as a guest speaker. A little girl, no more than 8-years-old, approached the renowned actress and sheepishly asked for a picture.

Anne happily obliged and told the girl to never feel embarrassed or sorry for asking for what you want in life.

Matthew McConaughey is even cooler than he appears to be.

A first-time PA recalls working on a commercial for Stetson hats that Matthew starred in. While on set, Matthew instructed the PA to go to his trailer and get him a beer on ice.

"I like to rehydrate while I dehydrate," Matthew explained.

Partying it up with Paris Hilton in Barcelona.

@embern was on vacation and out at a club in the heart of the Catalan capital. All of a sudden, she felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around to see Paris Hilton!

What celebrities have you met in the wild? Leave a comment and let us know!