Turn An Old Sewing Table Into The Ultimate Party Bar

Who here is excited that patio season is just around the corner? I can't wait to spend most of my days outside.

But what would a great outdoor hangout be without a party, huh? And where's a party there are drinks, too. Am I right? So wouldn't it be cool if you had a portable bar that you can quickly set up outside? Well, here's a brilliant idea for you.

I love to sip on a cold and refreshing cocktail when I'm hanging out in our backyard.

Unsplash | Eric Nopanen

It's especially true during one of those really hot summer nights. But bringing a cooler outside doesn't sound all that appealing to me.

What does sound much better to me is an idea I recently stumbled upon online.

Unsplash | Gabriel Manlake

Did you know that people are converting old sewing tables into the ultimate party bar? Wait, what? Now that's an idea I've never heard of before.

So how does that even work? I had to look further into it.

And as always, there are plenty of examples of it online. So I'm going to show you a few cool ideas folks have come up with, starting with this one.

What you need to do first is to remove the sewing machine from the table itself.

Then you have a few choices on how you want to set up your bar. Some folks get restaurant-style food pans to insert into the opening of the table.

Other people use plastic tubs or actual metal sinks as the drink, condiment, and ice holder.

The advantage of using a sink is that you will have drainage. However, this isn't absolutely necessary. I think any food pans would pretty much suffice.

Now comes the cool part — you get to set up your bar.

Take the table outside and fill the food pans with lots of ice. That's where you can keep your drinks cool throughout your party or hang out.

When your guests arrive, you can bring out the snacks.

Isn't this the ultimate set-up here or what? Wow, I'm so impressed by this. I love how they also installed a paper towel dispenser. That's so handy and super convenient.

You can even keep the party going inside and move the bar there.

Once patio season is over, the bar can be a permanent fixture in your house. Awe, I really dig this idea. It's like a cute vintage drink station, no?

So are you ready to get this party started?

Unsplash | Jonah Brown

I'm so, so ready ha, ha! Now I need to get my hands on an old vintage sewing table. I suppose I need to visit a few thrift stores, huh? Don't you think this is the best idea ever?