Dax Shepard Shares How He Told His Daughters About His Recent Relapse

We already know that Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are one of Hollywood's most adorable and elite celeb couples. It's not a question, it's just a fact. Their parenting techniques are often praised for being progressive and unconventional.

Kristen and Dax are also super adamant about keeping it real with their children when it comes to Dax's sobriety. Now, the actor is revealing how the pair told their daughter's about his recent relapse.

It's no secret that Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are couple goals AF, not just because of who they are as a duo, but how they raise their adorable family!

Kristen and Dax have always kept their daughters Delta, 6, and Lincoln, 8, off of social media.

Despite being private with their children on social media, the pair are anything but when it comes to Dax's sobriety journey.

Now, Dax is opening up to Chelsea Clinton on her podcast about how he told his daughters about his AA meetings, and how he explained his recent relapse to them.

"They knew when I relapsed," Dax confirmed.

"We explained, 'Well, Daddy was on these pills for his surgery and then Daddy was a bad boy and he started getting his own pills.' Yeah, we tell them the whole thing."

"They know that dad goes to an AA meeting every Tuesday and Thursday," he continued.

"One of the cuter moments was, I wanna say my oldest daughter was three, back when my daughters wanted to be with me 24 hours a day. She said, ‘Where are you going?’ I said, ‘I’m going to AA.'”

"She said, ‘Why do you have to go?’ I said, ‘Because I’m an alcoholic and if I don’t go there, then I’ll drink and then I’ll be a terrible dad.’"

"And she said, ‘Can I go?’ I said, ‘Well, no, you got to be an alcoholic.’ And she goes, ‘I’m gonna be an alcoholic,'" he laughed. "I said, ‘You might become one. The odds are not in your favour, but you’re not there yet.'"

I love how open and honest with their kids they are!