16+ Wild Ideas That People Followed To The Ends Of The Earth

A wise person once said, "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."

You can make what you will of that advice, but the people featured in this list decided that these things were truly worth going for.

A true unicorn.

Reddit | dliouville

I don't know if I'd want to be seen in this Mustang...err, I mean Unicorn. But it's hard to deny how much work clearly went into it.

If it looks stupid but it works...

I don't know what exactly is going on in this homemade AC unit, but it looks like it just might work.

All for an ATM.

ATMs don't need to be flashy but that doesn't mean they can't be flashy. This one sits in a big, fake tree for some reason.

Make your own.

Reddit | NoWasExpected

If you forget your spoon with your lunch, it's possible to find an alternative...depending on the tools you have available to you.

My eyes!

Iridescence is a cool effect, I'm just not so sure I'd want to be blinded by iridescent cupboards every time I went into the kitchen.

Road trip.

Reddit | B0ok_wyrm

This guy's using his ride-on lawnmower to transport an entire shed. I have so many questions but he looks a little too busy to answer them.

That knitting life.

Reddit | i_hateeveryone

This bodysuit would be weird enough even if it had two complete arms and legs. In any event, this clearly took a long time to knit.

Who needs a showerhead?

Reddit | beetlejules57

Some fancy showerheads give the illusion of being rained upon. Then again, some PVC pipe with holes drilled in it can offer the exact same thing.


Reddit | WinkTheFilthy

I'm not a taxidermy guy but if I was, I'd want to go big or go home. This piece is a perfect example of 'going big.'

Subway imitates subway.

Reddit | handsgrubber

These steps no longer lead to the subway entrance, but they now lead directly to the Subway entrance. It's nice that things worked out.

No peeking.

Reddit | FatSloppyPecker

I played a lot of splitscreen Goldeneye back in the day, but it never occurred to me to go to these lengths.

Out for a walk.

Reddit | rasta4eye

It's nice to see stores that are dog-friendly. I guess some are calf-friendly as well, judging from this photo.


Reddit | NicCage4life

Everyone has ridden in a shopping cart at one time or another, but I'll bet not many of us have ridden in a shopping cart motorcycle sidecar.

Tiny blinds.

Reddit | vilebubbles

If you're shopping around for new blinds and need samples, there's no more appropriate sample than literal tiny blinds.

Horseless carriage.

Reddit | HljebBoi

This is like a look at an alternate universe where engines were never invented. I wonder how much goatpower this thing gets.

Sounds like something O.J. would say.

If you drive a white Bronco and label it as such on the spare wheel cover, it's important to clarify who you are.

Waste not, want not.

Reddit | suntxt

This sweater is made entirely out of old ski masks. I can't say why this exists but I can say that it apparently exists.

Out for a mosey.

Reddit | corellian1287

If there's any store that's going to allow goats in shopping carts, it's probably one called Tractor Supply Company.

Invisible to visible.

Reddit | Noraffle21

Something about this mug of tea makes the laser line visible, even though it's invisible above the surface.

Hello there.

Reddit | MixingDrinks

Someone saw this broken fencepost and felt inspired. It didn't look like a face before, but it definitely looks like a face now.

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