14+ People Who Got Caught Lying

People lie to one another for all manner of strange reasons, be it to try and trick a loved one into running as half-marathon or simply for some clout. However, fortunately, the results can often be hilarious.

So, prepare to distrust everyone around you as I present you with these 14+ people who got caught lying!

"My sister: 'You can do the half-marathon with me! Trust me, it's not that bad.'"

I never understand how people get good end-of-race pictures? Although, a half-marathon is no mean feat, so congrats!

"Would you trust this Dr? Seems like a quack."

This profession was earmarked for this individual from the moment that they were born! You cannot ignore destiny!

"Nobody trusts a peanut."

"Pfft, this doesn't contain peanuts, that's just what the government wants you to think! Wake up sheeple!"

"Dave, you're literally holding a peanut."

"I'm out for my morning walk with my dog & this was sitting on the side of the road in front of my neighbor's house."

"Again, I'm really sorry, I just didn't get the joke."

"It's honestly fine, just please get off my property immediately. Here's your trousers as well."

"Big Bird's dumb brother Big Brow Bird."

This kid looks absolutely horrified that his parents lied to him that he would be meeting the real Big Bird as well!

"Hogo Boos?"

I wonder if this is real Hogo Boos merchandise though? I don't want any knockoff Hogo Boos stuff that's for sure!

"They really can't be trusted!"

I mean, why would you trust them? They never move and just let people sit on them all the time, something shifty is going on there for sure.

"I swear to God officer!"

"Should we pull them over? They're swerving all over the shop, they might be drunk or high!"

"Seriously, Dave, did you not see what it says on the back of their car? Why would they lie?"

Would You Trust Them?

I mean, it does look like quite a new note so it's not like they've just had this stuck on there for ages. Unless they're replacing it every morning? How devious!

"Day 3: Successfully infiltrated the poultry display. No one suspects a thing."

I don't know what they are doing to the chickens at the farm that these came from, but someone needs to look into it!

"Believe me, I won't."

I wouldn't do such a thing, but that's because I'm not the kind of person who relishes leaving bad Yelp reviews!

"Complete with hair and sweat!"

"0/10 would not purchase again. Tried for several hours to make them fit into my armpits and when I finally tied them in place they were very uncomfortable!"

"Spotted this Patrol car in my town."

Something tells me that they aren't an official institution. Also, seriously, what kind of self-respecting person could drive around in this?

"I'm going to trust Dave on this one."

I wonder what they did to lose a star and a half? Maybe there was something on sale for an outrageous $2!

"The sign I saw in this car..."

This seems like they are hiding something! This is exactly the sort of thing that someone would write on a car that they were keeping very secret things inside of!

"Seen leaving a courthouse in Florida..."

Well, I have always said that the best political analysis comes from the back of waste management trucks, and it finally paid off!

"All for a little bit of clout..."

Although all of the traffic could actually be backed up behind her car as she stops on the highway to take this selfie?

"Big OOF..."

I just don't understand any of the choices made in designing this shoe. Seriously, not one part of this makes sense to me.

"Saw this genius attempt at parking in the morning, and 8 hrs later two separate people put comments on the windscreen."

The people who left these notes will feel very embarrassed if the person who owns this car turns up with a guide dog! Although, that might actually just raise more questions now that I think about it.

"Sorry, but I have trust issues..."

Maybe they should put a caveat on their labels saying, "See, this label was attached with a competitor's glue and it sucks!"