DIYer Recreates The Poison Apple From 'Snow White' As A Candle

Have you ever heard of dipped candles?

When I think of candle making, I think of melting and pouring wax into glass jars. However, there's a whole other method candlemakers use to make candles — dipping!

No one demonstrates the technique better than TikTok user @artisticshelf. Let's check her candles out!

She posted a pretty normal TikTok a few weeks ago.

She was holding two of her amazing, hand-dipped candles in the TikTok, and the theme was centered around trying to get her business out there.

One helpful commenter posed her a challenge: do the poison candle from Snow White!

She took that challenge and ran with it.

Here we go! She showed how she dips her candles in different layers, slowly building up a shape that she can work with later. For this apple, she went with yellow, green, white, and black.

The dipping is SO satisfying.

She didn't hold the candle in there for long, which was surprising to me. It's a pretty smooth dip in and back out again, where the apple allowed to dry before being dipped in another color.

Next up: carving.

Can you believe how smooth those lines are? She actually carved them with a basic X-Acto knife! The wax cut like butter.

The thing I was most impressed with? Her ability to cut at the same depth the whole time!

That peel though.

I need the praise hands emoji for this one. She slowly peeled the black away, revealing the green layer. See what I meant about that cut depth? It's totally uniform the whole way through!

She did one more clear layer over the whole candle.

Um, I love this. I didn't realize how much the whole thing would change with that final gloss coat! It looks way more like an apple now, and it definitely has that slow, drippy look to it.

Here's what it looks like all lit up!

I wasn't expecting it to be so transparent! The green and yellow really form a gorgeous, spooky color under the black. This would look so cool on a table for Halloween!

Her upcoming shop hasn't launched yet.

But when it does, I guarantee she'll have a horde of eager customers! She's already amassed 97, 300 followers on TikTok, and plans to open a shop to sell her candles very soon!

You can watch the whole TikTok here!

You just have to see the dipping in action. It's one thing for me to type it out, but it's another to actually see the smooth action of the wax coating the whole ball. Satisfying af.