Quotes For Anyone With The Catchphrase 'I'll Do It Tomorrow'

In an ideal world, we'd get things done on time each and every day, checking things off our to-do list left and right until there's nothing left to do.

However, in the real world, many of us are professional procrastinators who recite the word "tomorrow" like poetry.

We've compiled some quotes that we feel truly embody the spirit of anyone who calls themselves a true procrastinator.

This is for the reluctant students.

Whether it was in our early school days or our older college years, many of us know what it feels like to be the student who's always putting off every assignment until the last minute.

This is one for those who only consider doing things on time when absolutely necessary.

This is for the hardcore procrastinators who have mastered the art of never getting anything done on time, unless the stakes are high enough.

And even then, it really is a toss up.

Here's one for those who are ambitious enough to organize their procrastination.

It's not that people who procrastinate don't know how to organize and even make an ample to-do list, they just choose not to do those things.

Finally, this is for those who truly wish quarantine was a time for productivity.

So many people felt like the pandemic was finally a time to be productive at home. It felt like a second chance for procrastinators. Unfortunately, many of us just procrastinated again.

Let us know what you think of these quotes in the comments and if any or all of them resonate with you.

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