15+ Times People Went Too Far

Some people can have a bit of a problem when it comes to restraint, be it when wanting to take a handful of chainsaws to the beach or when punishing people who have been trespassing on your farmland!

With this in mind, please enjoy these 15+ times that people went too far!

"All these new lockdown rules are going a bit too far."

Now what are the Leatherface family meant to do for their family holidays? They bloody love the beach!

"Ran out of Hotdog buns but still have too many hotdogs."

I am really torn here as my initial reaction was to scoff at this, but now I kind of want to try the croissant-dog double decker!

"Found him..."

They might have found him a little too late though by the looks of things. Still though, may as well eat him now that you've found him! It'd be a shame to let him go to waste!

"When the employees at 7-Eleven have had enough of your whining..."

I didn't realize that there were people out there who took slurpies this seriously. I guess everyone is passionate about something!

"Someone trying to get the council to fix the potholes in an ingenious way.

Actually, I don't think that this person went far enough! Phallic graffiti is the only language that councils understand!

Not Far Off...

This is very true if you drink tequila shots that are actually just half-pints of tequila. Christ, that'll get you there!

They're Really Committed To Their Craft!

"I really just want you to fix my shoes..."

"No! I shall do so much more for you my son... So much more!"

"Please, I don't want to have to call the police, just fix the damn shoes."

"My wife leaves me notes in the morning. I hope this one's not finished."

"Hey, so what was the rest of that note meant to say? And why are you handing me a suitcase?"

More Salt Than You Can Conceive Of...

This weird spice fiend explained that, "I asked for a ridiculous quantity of a seasoning that I like with my doordash order, and I wasn't at all disappointed by the glorious human being that fulfilled my request."

"Must have really turned my light on tonight!"

Well, all I am wondering now is how fast I can modify all of the light-switches in my own house the same way.

What Is That Mailbox Made Out Of?!

"And to think that they called me mad for using the rarest and strongest metal on Earth to forge a mere mailbox! Well who's laughing now?!"

"Painted the football pitch, boss."

What did they use to paint this? Were they doing it with a paintbrush cello-taped to the back of a unicycle?

"At least he's being honest."

Good to know that this person has remained grounded and self-aware in their success!

"Come at me brah."

Good Christ, what have they been feeding this cactus? I've never seen such a gigantic angry cactus before...which is actually probably pretty normal now that I think about it.

"When the exam is too tough."

"If you feel like you're going to cry then we have provided you with a backup exam with which you can dry your tears."


"Someone got tired of waiting at the airport..."

So do they have a sort of "kiss police" at this airport to enforce this rule or is it an honesty thing?

"The fireplace was a little too hot last night!"

This could be the latest trend, upside-down candles! Sure, it'd cause havoc with the floor underneath but who cares!

Found At A Scottish Farm...

I feel like this dog is looking at that farm though and thinking, "I still reckon I could make it across!"

"Ready to commit arson."

These windows seem to have suffered the same fate as a word document when you try and put an image into it.

"They say age is just a number."

"So, have you any experience from any of your previous lives that might be useful in this position?"

"Err... Maybe?"