TikTok User Shares Genius Makeup Storage Hack

Is your makeup collection getting a little out of hand?

I was the same way. Palettes, compacts, and lipstick tubes galore used to clutter up my bathroom. That is, until I heard about depotting, of course.

What's depotting, and how can it help you organize your collection? Let's find out.

We all know how bulky makeup packaging can be.

Compacts tend to be the worst offenders, especially if they aren't flat (looking at you, MAC compacts).

TikTok user and makeup artist @facebymeagan shared her makeup kit storage (and sanity) saver, and it's awesome.

You'll need some kind of hot plate.

People used to use ceramic flat irons for hair to do this hack back in the day, but a hot plate is probably best — and much easier.

Pop your compact on there for a few seconds.

Once the heat has loosened the glue, grab a metal spatula.

I cannot emphasize how much you do not want to use a knife for this. I dented the hell out of a very expensive powder by using a craft knife doing this exact trick.

Gently pry the powder out.

If the glue isn't loosened yet, don't force it. Pop it back on the hot plate for a few more seconds (don't melt the plastic of your compact), then try again.

Time to label.

Once you've depotted your makeup, it's easy to lose track of your shades. A label maker is crucial here! You don't need a fancy one like this, either.

Pop them in a magnetic palette!

This is the crucial part — you need a magnetic palette to make this work! You can get them on Amazon, from MakeupGeek, Z Palette, MAC, or even Colourpop!

You don't have to limit it to compacts, either.

I depotted all of my eyeshadows with this method! It sounds crazy, but it made traveling with my makeup so much easier. And it took up WAY less space in my bathroom!

Some people even do it with their lip products.

This one is pretty exclusive to professional makeup artists, tbh. Some buy empty metal discs and pop lipstick into it, giving them a large shade range to choose from without having to haul around tons of lipstick tubes.

Would you try this hack?

It's a great way to keep your makeup organized, AND get rid of that crazy bulky packaging. I've tried it and loved it — how about you? Would you give this a shot? Let me know!

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