Quotes From Mothers Who Have Their Priorities Straight

After having some sound years doing this motherhood business, many moms know a thing or two about what they want and what they don't want as parents.

We've compiled some quotes that we feel truly embody all the moms out there who have their priorities in order and have gotten this whole "mom life" thing down pretty darn well.

This is for moms who know they can't be perfect.

For many new moms, the pressure to be a cool mom or chill mom can be overwhelming. However, for seasoned moms, it's all about owning the absolute chaos of mommy life and knowing it's okay if things get a little chaotic.

This quote is for moms who know what their number one job is.

Unfortunately, so many responsibilities and obligations overlook the commitment of motherhood and don't offer flexible schedules. While it's a privilege to make certain calls when it comes to outside responsibilities, some moms know exactly when and how to draw the line.

Here's one for the mothers who know best.

While parenting guides and specialists have proven to be extremely helpful to many moms, there are several mothers that are the number one experts on their own kids.

Finally, here's one for the moms who know exactly what they're not going to do.

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This is for the moms who have been made mothers a few times over, and are tired. They look forward to seeing their children grow up, and doing some family bonding, but aren't particularly thrilled at the prospect of having any more babies.

Let us know what you think of these quotes in the comments and if any or all of them resonate with you.

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