Al Pacino Celebrates His 81st Birthday

There are few celebrities that need no introduction, whose career speaks for them, and whose name is familiar to everyone. Al Pacino is without a doubt one of those celebrities and now, it's time to celebrate his 81st birthday! I know, right? It's hard to believe he's already 81, but he doesn't look a day over 50, I swear!

Al Pacino is known for making basically every movie in Hollywood.

Just kidding, but not really.

Between The Godfather, Serpico, Scarface, _ Frankie and Johnny_, Ocean's Thirteen and Hangman, it's hard to pick just one favorite!

With a career spanning over five decades, everyone in the world is a Al Pacino fan.

And if that sounds dramatic, just consider his roles in recently Oscar-nominated films like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and The Irishman.

Now, celebrations are in order for one of the greatest of all time!

I'm planning on celebrating by enjoying one of his lesser popular films, Jack and Jill!

What's your favorite Al Pacino film? Let us know in the comments below!