10+ Before And After Photos Of Cover Up Tattoos

As permanent as tattoos are, they can be a crapshoot.

Either the tattoo artist did a really bad job, the color faded, or you're no longer with the person whose name is now etched on your arm.

In all of these cases, you're looking at about one of two options: having the tattoo removed or having it replaced. These 10+ people chose the latter.

This Pikachu tattoo

You really haven't lived until you've seen everyone's favorite Pokemon character become Bob Ross!

It's such a clever take on fixing up the tattoo. After all, with that beer in the picture, it's clear that Pikachu was drinking and drawing.

This Batman tattoo

This one is so much better than the original artwork.

It took a basic tattoo you'd see on anyone at the Jersey Shore and transformed it into a breathtaking landscape of the Batman word, Joker and all.

This wildflower tattoo

Believe it or not, the before tattoo is supposed to be a stethoscope for this person who's a paramedic.

But as soon as they put on a watch, well, things turned phallic. The wildflowers are much more innocent.

This feather tattoo

It's a familiar story: this person got a tattoo at 20 that they now regret.

The cover-up is such an upgrade and even has a touching story behind it. The Redditor got a feather for their late best friend who always called them feather.

This tattoo horse

We're not sure what the previous tattoo was supposed to be, but it's obvious that the previous tattoo artist was horsing around.

Thankfully, it was replaced with the new tattoo, which makes the horse look 3D!

This demonic ex

Got a portrait of your ex on your arm? No problem, just turn them into a demon! (That's what they are anyway, right?).

If this were us, though, we would have just replaced the woman with something completely different.

This flower tattoo

It's hard to believe that this blue lobster grew up and became a gorgeous flower.

The Redditor wrote that they had to scrub the color out as much as possible in order for the new tattoo artist to do the coverup.

This dragon tattoo

Wow. This tattoo went from one of the goats dragons kill and eat to an epic dragon itself. Can all goats shape-shift like this?

This is also giving us major Game of Thrones vibes, which is good since the show's prequel, House of the Dragon is being made.

This koi fish tattoo

Now, this is making lemonade out of lemons. They transformed one of those tribal tattoos guys always seem to get into a Japanese koi fish half sleeve.

Adding all the colors helped turn it into a piece of art.

This Scottish thistle tattoo

This person's idea of a lightning tattoo ended up looking more like a vein.

Thankfully, using some magic (not the Harry Potter lightning bold kind) the tattoo artist created a Scottish thistle to honor the person's grandparents.

This star tattoo

We can only imagine how unflattered Michael was at the first tattoo. The name was barely even recognizable.

The second tattoo made everything bigger, defined, and colorful. Most importantly, Michael's name was miraculously fixed.

This tribal tattoo

Here's another tribal tattoo that got a major overhaul.

The skilled tattoo artist was able to keep the original design of the tattoo while still elevating it using different shades of color and depth in design.

This angel tattoo

This is an angelic transformation.

It started off similar to one of those Dollz Mania characters to something dark yet beautiful. This person wrote that they got the original tattoo during a drunk college night. Sounds about right!

This underwater-themed tattoo

Remember when Sebastian the crab sang about what's "Under the Sea" in The Little Mermaid? Well, it wasn't this before picture, which this person said was supposed to be the sea in watercolor.

The fixed-job is so much more defined.

This ode to Pink Floyd

I love "Dark Side Of The Moon" just as much as the next person, but there's a time and a place to show your appreciation.

I much prefer the exploding colors and the folded origami motif of the redesign.

This Green Lantern symbol

What you're looking at is the symbol of the Green Lantern Corps from DC Comics. The lantern essentially works as a cosmic charging port for each Green Lantern's ring.

I've always been more of a Batman fan myself, but I admire this kind of dedication.

This faded face

I never knew that something could be so spooky yet strangely beautiful at the same time.

I especially love how vibrant the colors are by comparison, it almost makes it appear as if the tattoo is coming to life.

This spade

There's nothing better than when an artist is able to work with what's already in place and turn it into something spectacular.

The intricacy and detail of the design pattern really draw your attention and invites you to keep studying it.

This tiny bow-tie

I'm not normally a fan of floral tattoos but that rose is beautiful; it's the kind of conversation starter that you can be proud of.

I'm sure the bow-tie had a good story, but this is the kind of tat you look forward to bragging about.

This tribal design

There was a time when tribal designs were all the rage and plenty of people still love them.

But for those who are looking for something a little more ornate, it doesn't get much better than this.

This indigenous bird design

Whoever came up with the idea to cover up their old tat with a beautiful homage to the late Led Zeppelin drummer, John Bonham, is a genius.

This person has a great ice-breaker should they ever run into Jimmy Page on the street.

This Asian symbol

I'm always wary whenever I see someone with script tattooed in another language. How do you really know it says what you think it says?

I much prefer the rose on the vine, it's much more unique and original.

This blue star

When I was young, I hung out with a lot of 'scene kids,' so believe me when I say that I've seen my fair share of star tattoos over the years.

This trio of roses is much more appealing.

This floral yin-yang

Honestly, I think the one on the left is still really nice! But for some reason this person got it covered up anyhow.

That skull cover-up is insane! It almost looks like the artist inked it in 3-D.

This Halloween-inspired half-sleeve

I'm not exactly sure if the image on the left is a failed homage to The Nightmare before Christmas or if this Reddit user just has a thing for scarecrows.

In either case, the raven sitting on top of the skull is a serious improvement.

This tribal design...again

Notice how this artist didn't completely cover up the existing design. Instead, they used the outer edges to give the appearance of branches.

It kind of scares me if I'm being honest — but I like it.

This intricate art piece

This is the kind of tattoo that makes you stop in your tracks and exclaim "damn!"

This one may just be my favorite yet. The detail of the side profile, specifically the streaming tears, is my favorite aspect.

This simple symbol

I'm not saying don't get scripture or symbols tattooed if that's what you really want. But if you ask me, I would choose a dancer wearing a peacock-colored dress any day of the week.

I don't know what it means, but I love it.

This tribal half-sleeve

When I see this side-by-side, only one word comes to mind — ouch. The final product clearly took several painstaking hours and my arm is starting to twinge just looking at it.

Mad respect to both the artist, as well as the client on this one.


If I'm being perfectly honest, I don't exactly understand what's happening in the image on the left. The Pisces-themed revamp, however, is absolutely stunning.

The details on the fish scales alone are enough to keep you looking for hours.

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