Stack Flower Pots To Make An Adorable Garden Gnome

Many people who have yards love to decorate in the spring with some adorable little gnomes. Gnomes are popular amongst home owners who want to have a little personality to their exterior property.

Some gnomes, however, can be expensive.

Unsplash | Brigitta Schneiter

When it comes to purchasing gnomes, some can be expensive to purchase. Especially if you want multiple gnomes, a DIY hack would be better for homeowners.

Luckily, there's a very easy DIY project where you can make gnomes yourself!

All you need are a few materials: a big flower pot, a small flower pot, and different colored paints. Make sure one of the paints is white!

All you have to do is paint the pots.

The top pot should be red, for the hat (or whatever color hat you'd like!) Then, you paint the bottom pot white on the front for the beard. The back can be another color for their shirt.

You can follow step-by-step online.

DIYer Sarah Nenni-Daher shares the step-by-step process on her YouTube channel. It's very easy to follow along!