Jack Nicholson Celebrates His 85th Birthday

There are certain people in Hollywood who fly so far past the A-List you have to create a new category for how famous and impactful they have been in the Hollywood landscape.

Jack Nicholson is definitely one of those people! His iconic performances in basically every movie he's ever been in combined with his magnetic personality have guaranteed his place in Hollywood royalty!

There's no shortage of excellent Jack Nicholson movies.

The Shining, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Batman, As Good As It Gets, the Departed, Chinatown, A Few Good Men... the list just goes on and on, and every time, Jack delivers an amazing and iconic performance that people remember and quote for ages!

When I say "Heeeeere's Johnny!" most people think of Jack before they think of Johnny Carson!

Jack was born on April 22nd, 1937.

That means that this year, Jack is celebrating his 85th birthday!

It hardly seems possible that we've been enjoying Jack's performances for over five decades, but it's true!

Fans have taken to social media to celebrate the legend on this special day.

Happy birthday, Jack!

In honor of Jack's birthday, share with us your favorite role of his! While I love seeing him as The Joker, I think his most iconic villainous performance will always be in The Shining, which STILL gives me nightmares! Let us know yours in the comments!