Clever Paint Tape Hack Ensures Clean Lines Every Time

Painting is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to transform your home. It's a fun way to add personality, especially when it comes to color choice!

But how do you get a perfect cut line when you paint? How do you get rid of that pesky bleeding under the tape? TikTok has the answer.

It's about to get satisfying up in here.

Unsplash | David Pisnoy

If you're into DIY, you know how satisfying a good tape peel can be. We're about to experience that with this hack from Amanda, aka @bohofrisco, who blew minds with her tape skills.

She set it up with a side-by-side comparison.

This hack was tried on cardboard, but Amanda assured commenters that she also used it on her walls. I've also tried this trick on walls in the past, and I can confirm it works beautifully.

This part is CRUCIAL.

This is the biggest, most important part: Before you paint your desired color, go back over your tape line with the original wall color. Trust me, this will work.

Let it dry.

Once it's dry to the touch, get painting. This coral color is the perfect color to demonstrate just how good this hack is. Notice how much better that color looks already? So good.

Peel time.

Peeling tape when wet is the best way to ensure a clean line — unless you need multiple coats, of course.

Look at how brutal that line is, even though Amanda used tape. That's tragic.


OOOH! LOOK AT THAT. GET PUMPED. It's clean AF! No bleeding, just pure, uncut crispness all the way up the swatch. This is SO satisfying, you guys.

Here's what happened:

It also created a nice seal over the tape, allowing for that super satisfying line.

The comments were full of people shocked at how smart this little trick is. We love a good, legit hack!

Painters and decorators had some more tips!

Just FYI: As other commenters pointed out, this water/wipe trick will not work if you have water-soluble paint, for obvious reasons. I'd go with Amanda's hack, personally.

If you don't have the original...

Substitute your original background color for caulk. This will create a seal along the tape and give you the same crispness! Shoutout to all the professionals on TikTok who choose to share their tips.