Woman Sets Up A 'StarPups Coffee' Shop On Her Front Lawn For Local Dogs To Enjoy

There's nothing like a great cafe and hanging out with some of your best buds. In fact, one woman thinks the cafe life is so awesome that dogs should be able to experience it too. So, she set up her own dog cafe called "StarPups Coffee" on her front lawn for all dogs to enjoy.

You best believe this is making more than a few tails wag.

Kaya Kristina is behind this fine dining cafe for dogs.

Kristina wanted dogs to have a go-to spot in Toronto, Canada, so she set one up on her own front lawn.

AS BlogTO reported, she begins every day by stocking the café with fresh water, chew sticks, and a drool-worthy selection of delectable dog treats.

She has all kinds of doggy guests stop by for a visit and a snack.

Kristina strives to bond with both her furry customers and their humans.

She even encourages them to take some fun selfies to commemorate their visit to StarPups Coffee, which she then posts to her Instagram page, @High Park Pups. As you can imagine, it's basically the cutest page in the universe.

Believe it or not, the café is almost six years old.

It all began one summer when Kristina noticed that the dogs who walked by her neighborhood were often parched, so she set out a water pail with a sign that read, "for thirsty dogs."

It was a big hit, and since then, she has only expanded her front yard set-up with her doggy café offerings.

Some dogs don't never want to leave the cafe.

From birthday parties to just regular hangouts, StarPups Coffee has quickly become the place to be. Sometimes humans are ready to go but their puppers are fully prepared to stay forever.

Let us know what you think of this adorable dog cafe in the comments and if you want to bring your dog there immediately.

h/t: BlogTO