17+ Times People Discovered Uninvited Guests

Nobody likes to be surprised by an uninvited guest. I mean, sometimes it can be a nice surprise, but odds are that it will be a right pain!

So, from people who were alarmed to find weird guests in their trashcans to individuals who found things hiding in their bedside drawers, here are 15+ people who discovered uninvited guests!

"So I guess this dude shows up every night and everyone in the bar thinks this is normal."

This person also added some backstory, writing, "I recently was on tour through Colorado. This cat is named George and sits at the bar every night where we played in Grand Junction. Part Maine Coon and part rad dude if you ask me."

"I work late nights. This is the look I get when I turn the lights on in my bedroom when I get home at 3am after work."

I don't think that I have ever seen a dog more disgruntled by the presence of its owner. It looks like it is saying, "Turn the damn light off already!"

"My friend just brought her newborn home from the hospital, and her cat is super uneasy about it."

I feel like this cat is wondering, "What am I meant to do? Hate this thing, or bring it a half-dead mouse?"

"How flatmate deals with an uninvited guest."

By all means capture any rogue spiders you find roaming around your house, but let them go outside like a civilised adult!

"I walked out undressed (very briefly) this morning. Bless his heart, he was 100% professional and pretended he didn't see anything."

I can just imagine this person trying to open the window to explain themselves and apologise, only to knock this person off the side of their building and leave them plummeting to their deaths.

"I left this fake guest book at a Florida Airbnb..."

It is true, Florida is no place for a whale, the krill situation there is positively dire.

"Found my buddy in his backyard. I had a much better night than he did."

Good God, look at the state of that sunburn. This guy is going to be bathing in aloe vera for weeks.

"Cleaned out the attic and discovered rats had eaten my 81 Dodgers baseball. Fernando, LaSorda, Stewart, Sax, Koufax... Damn."

I hate it when guests turn up uninvited, eat all your snacks, and then leave without even saying goodbye.

"I'm not sure what happened here, but I'm kinda sad I wasn't invited."

Nothing quite like seeing the aftermath of a cubicle party to make you feel like you have been left out!

"This guy showed up to take this final like this..."

Wow, the girl on the far right of this picture was clearly not a fan of this guy's antics!

"I'm sure we've all been there Dylan."

I am amazed at the remarkable amount of regret and honor that Dylan showed in owning up to this. If I had been eating pork chops in bed then I would have hidden that fact above all else.

"Found an unexpected guest in my Green-Bin today."

"I am the night. I am deception personified. I am invisible to any and all who..."

"Sandra, there's a racoon in the bin again."


"Guess this is her drawer now."

"Hey, so I was wondering if you could maybe do the dishes for once and..."

*Furious hissing...

"No, you're right, I'll just crack on with it."

"Please bring a chair and a sandwich..."

This couple clearly aren't playing around when it comes to RSVPing! Although, what kind of person doesn't RSVP then just turns up anyway?

"This hotel gets it."

Well, the people who run this hotel have clearly not been hanging around many cool dogs!

"I put up a new birdhouse and got a tenant right away! Funny looking bird though..."

"Hey, so I know you've been putting a lot of seed out, but I was wondering if you maybe had any insects? I'm definitely an ordinary bird though!"

"Every morning at 11 or so, windowman shows up and scares the crap out of me. (It's my neighbor's chimney)."

Even though I now know that it is the silhouette of the neighbor's chimney I know that this would still terrify me every morning.

The New Pet...

I mean, there is no way that you can throw that chicken back outside, look at its little face!

"Came downstairs to see this little guy making himself right at home."

He is even sat like a person. I feel like this racoon is about to impart some seriously important family news.

"Been away at university for 6 months, get home as my sister is throwing her report card in the bin so mum cant see it. Great opportunity for family bonding..."

Nothing quite like dropping your sibling right in it when they least expect it. Sure, it might be evil, but you know that they would do the same thing were the situation reversed.