Bride Waits Until After Guests RSVP To Her Wedding To Reveal The 'Dinner Fee'

Most people look forward to attending their loved ones' special day. They bring gifts and dress up in honor of the union, anticipating an evening filled with joy, laughter, and plenty of romance courtesy of the newlyweds.

What they don't usually expect is a surprise dinner fee.

However, that's exactly what one bride decided to whip out for her unsuspecting guests in order for them to enjoy what's usually a free meal at her wedding.

Weddings are typically festive events for all.

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People are usually quite excited to attend a wedding.

They're the perfect event to gather with loved ones and enjoy the union of not just the married couple, but their two families as well.

However, not all weddings are drama-free.

Whether because of the guests, the couple, or circumstances beyond anyone's control, some weddings just don't go smoothly.

In fact, sometimes tensions begin building up long before the wedding even takes place. With so many logistics to consider, people may ruffle a few weathers with or without realizing it.

In this particular situation, the drama all began with a lovely wedding invitation.

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All seemed well for one future wedding guest when they received their invite in the mail. They were so excited for the event that they RSVP'd ahead of the deadline, requested a plus one, and selected their meal options.

But then things got a bit weird.

In a Facebook post that was shared to Reddit's r/ChoosingBeggars page, the guest-to-be revealed that after their RSVP was sent off, they got a nice voicemail from the bride thanking them for attending, followed by a very unusual request.

In her voicemail, the bride let the confused guest know about the undisclosed dinner fee.

She requested each person pay $75 "per plate," amounting to a grand total of $150 for this guest and their plus one to eat a meal at her wedding.

"Has anyone ever heard of this happening?" the guest implored in their Facebook post.

It goes without saying that this was definitely a bizarre ask of the bride.

Typically guests are not expected the foot the bill for their food at a wedding they're attending.

In fact, it's rather unusual for a couple to expect the people who have come to celebrate their union to shell out any cash for what's supposed to be a free meal.

That being said, it's not entirely unheard of either.

Some couples who aim for a more budget-friendly wedding might politely request that anyone attending chip in for their meal to help ease the burden of paying for so many plates.

However, you would expect that if this were the case the dinner fee would have been made clear ahead of time, not after guests had already said they would attend.

This guest in particular decided to ask the bride why she was charging a fee, and things quickly turned ugly.

In their post the guest told he bride she should have made the dinner fee known before guests RSVP'd so they could have decided whether they'd be willing to pay it or not at that time.

To which the outraged bride apparently replied, "Who are you to ask me about what I'm doing for my wedding?"

But she didn't stop there. She had plenty more to say.

She then proceeded to complain about other guests who had changed their minds amount attending after hearing about the surprise dinner charge .

"I don't understand why all these folks are declining after my calls to them like we're supposed to pay for everybody to eat," the bride continued. "It's my wedding! You either pay or don't come!"

This guest even tried to reason with the bride.

They explained that it was in poor taste to have sent out invites, accepted RSVPs, and then blindsided everyone with a hidden "dinner fee."

"Had the invite been printed with the caveats beforehand, your invited guests could decide from there on whether or not they are to attend," they reasoned.

However, the bride simply refused to listen or accept she had done anything wrong.

"Well, you've heard what I said," she replied, according to the post. "Either pay or don't come."

Now faced with an ultimatum, the guest informed the bride that they will no longer be attending the wedding, and neither will their plus one.

"You have a good life," they finished before hanging up the phone.

Some Reddit users revealed they've had similar experiences but were still not on board with the fee.

"Apparently this is a fairly common thing now, but I cant help but think its incredibly rude," this person wrote. "People (family in particular) often feel obligated to attend weddings and gifts aren't really gifts if they are considered obligations. I don't think anyone should be one should be expected to pay to attend a wedding."

Others suggested the bride prepare herself for some serious disappointment.

"'It’s my wedding! You either pay or you don’t come,''" this person quoted of the bride before adding, "Well prepare for a wedding with no one attending then."

While others shared similar thoughts and drama-filled stories, the Reddit community largely concluded that this was not a desirable way to go about a wedding at all.

Let us know what you think of this hidden wedding dinner fee in the comments and if you've ever experienced something like this.

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