'Prairie Smoke' Flowers Look Just Like Cotton Candy

Sure, green plants are cool. But you know what is even cooler? Pink plants.

Never has my very correct opinion been more true than when it comes to prairie smoke flowers. These gorgeous, unique flowers look just like a spiral of cotton candy! Let's check them out.

See? Cotton candy.

How cool is this? This is a Prairie Smoke Wildflower, and it looks almost good enough to eat. Hey, I said almost. Don't eat wildflowers, okay? Just take my word on this one.

Twisted up isn't their natural state, unfortunately.

Normally, they're wiry little wisps of smoke that float along with the breeze! They add pops of unreal color to any garden — in fact, they're so unreal that they almost look alien!

The wisps play an important role for them.

According to Reddit: "The long wisps are part of the seed head, specifically an elongated style, allowing seeds to be dispersed in the wind."

Interesting. Anyway, I think they look like something from Dr. Suess' brain.

It's a pretty hardy plant.

If you want to plant some, you're in luck! They tolerate most soils pretty well, as long as it's well-drained. It likes full sun, too. I mean, who among us doesn't?