Get Ready To Roll The Dice This Summer With Yardzee

The warm weather is upon us, and now it's time to prepare yourself for some outdoor fun. So let me ask you a question: Do you like playing games?

Well, did you know that you can turn certain indoor games into outdoor versions? That's exactly what people are doing with the game of Yahtzee. And it looks super fun, to say the least.

What is your favorite game to play?

As a kid, I played lots of Monopoly with my family. But I'll admit, you can't exactly create an outdoor version of this game. There are too many components, ha, ha! However, Yahtzee is a different story.

Yahtzee is one of those games that you can easily transplant outdoors.

Unsplash | Caroline Hernandez

And that's exactly what folks are doing. They even came up with a clever name for it — Yardzee! Get it? I have to give it to them, it's pretty smart.

There are even fun kits you can buy on Etsy.

They come with five oversized dice, a five-gallon bucket, laminated scorecards, and a dry erase marker. The game is pretty much the same as the regular Yahtzee but slightly larger-than-life.

What do you think about these dice here?

Aren't they so beautiful? They're actually hand-stained by the couple who runs this Etsy account. This, and other games they create are helping them pay for their kid's college. Aww, that's great.

Some Etsy sellers even give you a choice between wood stains.

Which one do you like better, the lighter, or the darker? Hmm, that's a tough choice. I kind of like them both. I would have to think about this.

Wow, check out this hard-core family here.

They definitely look like major Yahtzee fans, ha, ha. From the looks of it, they sure take this game pretty seriously, huh? I wouldn't want to go up against this family, that's for sure.

I really like these custom Yardzee buckets here.

They sure beat using just a regular bucket. Am I right? If you're going to play this outdoor version of the game might as well do it right. I'm so on board with that.

If you're pretty handy, you can even make your own Yardzee set.

All you need is some wood and a saw, and you're good to go. Then pick a color palette and go to town with that spray paint. I've got to say, it sounds great to me.

So are you game?

Would you buy or make your own oversized version of Yardzee? I have to admit that sounds pretty fun to me. Perhaps I will give these Etsy sellers a second look. I need a cool game for our backyard.