TikTok User Shares Gorgeous Amethyst Mirror Dupe

Nothing says "TikTok" more than a mirror DIY.

For some reason, it's one of the most popular projects on the platform. From tiling a mirror to turning them into a giant grid, TikTok loves a good mirror hack.

The latest one? Adding amethysts around a mirror. And guys, it's absolutely beautiful.

So, what's an amethyst mirror, anyway?

Simply put, it's a mirror outlined in different sized amethyst chunks! TikTok user @julesskelton found one that she really loved, but couldn't stomach the $275 price tag. So, she decided to make one herself!

Let's get thrifting.

I'm a big fan of thrifting for your DIYs. It saves you money, and it gives something new life and saves it from eventually heading to a landfill. Win/win.

Here's what else you'll need:

This project could not be simpler. You'll need E-6000 glue, which is an industrial-grade glue you can get at any craft store (or Amazon). You'll also need some amethysts, which you can get on Etsy.

Lay out how you want your crystals to look.

Before you get to gluing, try out different layouts and patterns with your crystals. You don't want to have any gaps, and you only get one shot with E-6000. Trust me, that stuff is TOUGH.

Once you've glued them down, add in smaller, lighter crystals around the inside edge.

This will give your pattern some depth, and really make it look like the crystals just grew out of the mirror. This part might be tedious, but it will also be so satisfying.

All done!

If you're trying this DIY, you may need some wall anchors to hold up this mirror. It's going to be pretty damn heavy, and you don't want it to fall!

People had some awesome ideas for future mirrors.

According to commenters (and my wife, who also loves crystals), rose quartz is great for confidence and self-love. I don't know much about that, but I DO know a pink crystal mirror would be gorgeous. If it helps me like myself more, all the better!

Other commenters had some helpful tips.

Do not mess around with E-6000! I'd use gloves, just because it's not great for your skin. Crack a window when you're crafting and get to work!

And one user had an important observation:

The original project was handmade. I understand not having $275 for a mirror — lord knows I don't — but you do have to take a person's labor into account when thinking about buying or DIYing!