People Are Painting Dressers To Look Like Vintage Volkswagen Buses

Who here is a fan of old vintage cars? Please raise your hand. I can't tell you how much I would love to have an old VW van. That would be a dream. It's an expensive dream indeed.

So, for now, here's a super cool idea folks have come up with that I'm going to share with you. Want to know what it is?

So lately, I've been looking into an RV life, and a VW van would definitely suffice.

Unsplash | Dino Reichmuth

However, I really don't have the money to get one right now. Much less get it all revamped to be able to travel in it.

But to get me in the mood, I stumbled upon a neat idea.

Did you know that folks are painting their dressers to look like old vintage Volkswagen buses? OMG, that's so hilarious and so cool at the same time.

This is what I'm talking about, folks.

Check this out. Doesn't this dresser look so amazing or what? Oh my goodness, this is something I've never seen before. Have you? What a unique idea, huh? I love the color scheme of this one, too.

Wouldn't it be awesome to have this piece in your house?

I have to admit I would absolutely do something like this. Who needs an ordinary dresser when you can all some vintage flair to make it look like this one?

Here's a slightly smaller and darker version of a VW dresser.

What a great idea! You could totally make something like this for your kid's room. You could decorate their whole room to be like a vintage VW factory, ha, ha!

First, I showed you a pastel version of the dresser.

Now I'll give you this bright blue version. Which one is more up your alley? It is a tough one. I can't decide. I really love both of them. Decisions, decisions!

And get a load of these two beauties here.

I'm so in love with these. I would get two of them for both sides of our bed. Wouldn't they be such showstopper pieces or what? Hmm, that gives me an idea indeed.

If this doesn't scream cool to you, I don't know what will, ha, ha.

Whoever came up with this idea is really brilliant. Don't you think? It's the most unique dresser revamp I think I've ever seen. I love the colors here.

So what do you think of the idea of painting your dresser to look like a vintage Volkswagen bus?

Do you dig it? I think this is something not only car enthusiasts will enjoy. It will be one conversation-worthy piece in your home.