The Internet Reacts To Man’s Painful DIY Fail Caught On Video

When we mess up, usually no one is around to witness the embarrassing aftermath.

But for one poor man? Well, the whole world saw him get smacked in the face by a wood plank. He has his dear wife to thank for that!

This video proves that sometimes, it's just easier (and safer!) to hire a professional.

The cautionary tale of what *not* to do the next time you tackle a DIY project was posted by the man's wife on TikTok.

She captioned the video, which was captured on their home security system as, "When your husband tries to fix things he shouldn't."

This was followed by the hashtag "keep your day job."

You'll see exactly why when the video shows him climbing up the stairs of their deck with the new wood plank to fill the empty gap.

After he places it down, he decides to take it for a test drive by stepping on it.

This would forever serve as the moment where he knew he messed up.

With no nails keeping the plank in place, his weight caused the end of the plank to flip in the air and smack him right in the face. Ouch.

After landing on his butt, he sat there for a while, clearly contemplating his life choices.

He also rubbed his head a lot because, well, it's practice for when the doctor takes a look at it. Thankfully, though, the man was unharmed.

On the internet, his mistake has since been compared to dangerous mishaps we see in cartoons. All he was missing was the "BOING" sound and birds flying around his head.

Check out the video for yourself!

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