15+ Times People ‘Fixed’ Things In Ways We Didn’t Notice At First

Throughout history, there have always been individuals who look at a problem and think, "I could probably fix that myself" to varying degrees of success.

So, from people who didn't even know that they were mechanics to individuals who found the strangest way to fix potholes, here are 16+ people who "fixed" things in ways we didn't notice at first!

"Cheap, easy, self-adhesive auto repair!"

Mmmm, and when that sweet sweet rust inevitably sets in then you'll really complete the look!

Use Whatever Tools You Have At Your Disposal.

All I can say is, thank God it isn't on the driver's side! I can't see it being much help in anything less than a light drizzle!

"Installed my anti-tailgater device today. Now I just need to find something for folks who cut me off..."

One thing is for sure, it'll work. I know that I'd be getting as far away from someone with this on the back of their car!

"Fixed my nephew's toy!"

This new modification really makes this soldier seem a little less threatening. Although, he would be able to get his head through small gaps which could have a military advantage!

"This cat lost vision in one eye, but thanks to modern technological advancements, his vision was repaired."

I love what they have done here, but I would have been equally tempted to give him an eyepatch instead. The pirate-cat aesthetic is very in right now.

"That awkward moment when a pothole takes out the repair truck."

"How are you planning on fixing the pothole?"

"Well, we're going to fill it in with our truck."


"My cousin, ashamed after building a chair from IKEA..."

I have no idea how someone messes up building a chair so badly. It is actually quite impressive!

"Grandpa fixed the broken arm on my daughter's mermaid doll."

I really like this very subtle fix! It adds a much-needed touch of the Frankenstein to this doll!

"A novel approach to auto repair..."

So, did they just have this giant plaster lying around or did they have to purchase one just for the occasion?

"My local Dunkin Donuts drive through speaker broke. They're using a baby monitor now."

This is actually pretty ingenious. Although, once again, I am wondering if they just had this lying around or if they had send someone out for it?!

"How we fixed my 90yo grandfather's TV problems."

Ah yes, a very subtle approach. I would try this with my grandfather but he would just peel the stickers off immediately!

*Great Escape Theme Intensifies*

I have no actual proof to back this claim up, but I am fairly certain that the person who owns this dog is a grandmother. The wooden spoon gives it away.

"'Fixed' the kitchen canister labels last week. Wife hasn't noticed, yet."

This is just ridiculous. I mean, who would really let the rice get that low without replenishing it?! Everything else checks out though.

Make Do And Mend!

By giving it wheels they have surely made it more sturdy! That's how cars work...right?

"My car broke down, called a tow truck, their truck broke down and they called a tow truck to tow us."

Do you think that the first person to break down still had to pay for the first tow truck as they're still technically on the back of it?

The Picasso Doll...

This artistically gifted parent explained, "Accidentally got acetone on my [daughter's] favorite doll and made her cry when her entire face wiped off. Saw a youtube video about redoing Barbie faces. Thought I could do it. I [can't]. Now [it's] a thing of nightmares and I feel even worse."

"My sister's watch broke and I fixed it in the best way..."

Sometimes the easiest jokes are the best ones of all! Never grow up, whoever you are!

"Last week I put a piece of tape on my bin lid to fix a crack. My 92-year-old neighbor obviously thought we were labelling our bins with our unit numbers..."

This one is kind of adorable! Also, it's never a bad idea to label your bin, you don't want to fall prey to bin thieves...the lowest of the low.

"Repairing potholes, the Romanian way..."

This is quite adorable actually! Although, it must be absolutely terrifying for the plants!

"My friend got his dreads cut off, his mom turned them into a cat bed."

I guess that it is just hair, right? I cannot say that I would be overjoyed with having a cat bed made of old hair sat in my house though.