15+ Times People Were Being Made Fun Of And Didn’t Know It

Poking fun at your friends and family is something that a lot of people put an incredible amount of time into...with results of varying success!

However, not everyone restricts themselves to poking fun at people who are close to them. And so, please enjoy these 15+ times people were being made fun of and didn't know it!

"Saw this amazing 'Ad' in my neighborhood today."

Nothing gets a neighborhood up in arms quite like lazy dog owners, and it's pretty understandable!

"Shoplifters get their deeds mocked in Seattle."

I guess that this is what would happen if Doctor Seuss worked as a detective, slamming criminals with rhymes and witty mantras.

"The shoe and music store saga continues..."

Pfft, if your shoestrings have never gotten you a date then, quite frankly, you're not wearing snazzy enough shoestrings!

"That's a really good mantra for a store."

Overlooking the erroneous apostrophe lurking in that sentence, I like where their heads are at.

"My wife left me instructions for dinner. She thinks she married a moron."

At least she didn't feel like she had to remind you to remove the cling film from the sausages, that's something!

"The ending to this note on the little library in my neighborhood definitely takes a turn."

What kind of animal looks at a free library and decides to nick all of the books? Seriously, get a life woman!

"A love note from granddaughter to grandfather."

Still though, this person did go on to confirm that it was in fact the grandfather who got it framed and hung it on the wall!

Take Note...

One very irate person even went so far as to suggest that, "This should be the standard 'Handicap Parking' sign."

"Mother-in-law suggested something sweet to commemorate our marriage, so we framed this and put it near the front door. Just waiting for her to notice.

I think that this is actually quite sweet... Get it? Because of the song being called "Candy Shop"? Urgh, don't worry, I hate myself for even trying that. Let's move on!

"This squirrel eating his lunch..."

It looks like this poor little guy is just trying to eat his lunch without being laughed at by the general public damn it!

"This Guy Must Have Pissed Off The Wrong Person."

Well, either that or someone who sells viagra has pissed this guy off and this guy has stolen the viagra and is selling it for a profit, which would be pretty wild.

"I saw this car today..."

They got passed by so much worse than a toaster. At least a toaster serves a purpose without being the single most ghastly-looking thing on the face of the Earth.

"My dog saw a squirrel mid-snap, so now I just look like a tired toddler at the end of a day at Six Flags."

He does look like a very tuckered out toddler that's for sure. I feel like he is also about to be whipped out of frame by his dog, as though he's attached to an anvil that has fallen off a cliff in a cartoon.

"Our office candy guy left us a note..."

Self-control is massively overrated anyway! Who needs self-control when you can choose gluttony! Hooray for sin!

"Looks like they would rather be left alone."

I need to know what kind of plants these are so that I can fill my garden with them. I'm sure the neighbors will love it!

"View from the outside of a building..."

Nothing like resorting to a passive aggressive meme to get back at a neighbor's initial passive aggressive sticky note message! A tale as old as time.

"My friend parked like a d-bag. The neighbor's kids left him a message."

In fairness, how could someone look at that "space" and think, "Yeah, that seems like an appropriate place to leave a people carrier!"

"Is this thing supposed to look like me?"

It does kind of look like him though! You cannot fault them for nailing his incredibly grumpy expression!

"Today I saw ugly oranges being sold as ugly oranges."

Those poor oranges, they don't even know that they're being mocked! I'm sure they still taste great, it's what is on the inside that counts!

"I've been leaving love notes such as this one for my coworkers."

Other people have since been sharing their own unique ways of passing notes to coworkers, including one person who wrote, "I flew a post it note over to a [coworker's] desk with a mini drone that said 'stop farting' 10 years ago. He still laughs about it today."