Bar Praised For Its Response To Someone Spiking A Woman's Drink

Unfortunately, nightclubs and bars aren't known for being the safest places, especially for women.

With an array of horror stories floating around out there, it can certainly seem like there are no positive stories to tell when it comes to these locations.

However, one Reddit user posed an interesting question that had an even more interesting answer, one which has successfully proved that not all bars are made equally.

The Reddit user had a question for bartenders.

In the r/AskReddit subreddit, user xXSlimi_Gacha009 asked, "Bartenders of reddit, what was the weirdest/craziest thing you have overheard while making someone's drink?"

Although not a bartender, Reddit user pinkyfitts responded with a story that received an overwhelming amount of upvotes.

One bar came to the rescue when something went wrong.

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Pinkyfittts explained that one night they were just sitting at the bar near the bartender when the entire evening took a turn.

"Some girl comes up next to where I was sitting and tells the bartender 'excuse me, but I just saw that guy (customer) right there put something in that girl’s drink,'" the Reddit user recalled.

There were many courses of action that the establishment could have taken.

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These could include anything from doing nothing (which we certainly hope wouldn't be the case), to possibly investigating a little further by asking people surrounding the bar if they had seen anything themselves.

However, this bar went above and beyond and has set an excellent example for how to respond to drink tampering.

They put the safety of the women at the bar first.

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After the girl reported a potentially spiked drink, the bartender communicated with other bar staff, relaying what pinkyfittts presumed was some sort of a code.

Then the real action started.

Everything happened so quickly, it's clear this bar has protocol in place for this very situation.

As pinkyfittts recalled, "BAM. Immediately all the lights go on, the manager steps on stage, stops the band, and makes the following announcement:

'Attention: We have a report that someone in this room possibly drugged a young lady's drink. We request that all women here immediately put down your drink and don’t take another sip. We will replace your drink for free."

Next, the owner addressed the woman whose drink had been spiked, without directly singling her out to the rest of the bar.

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"If you are that young lady, we will notify you when you come to the bar," they said, as per the Reddit post.

The owner also made sure to take caution, knowing that if one woman's drink had been tampered with, it's certainly likely that other patrons' had been, as well: "If anyone is feeling sick or weak please let us know.'"

The bar's response didn't just end after that announcement was made, either.

Pinkyfitts finished their story by explaining that the "lights stayed on. Band remained off. For a long time, maybe an hour."

"Cheers from the crowd and nobody complained," they continued. "Don’t know what the guy did because I didn’t know which guy it was. That place rocks."

The people of Reddit were truly impressed with this bar's response.

"Man if I heard a bar did that, that would be my go to bar forever," this person commented. "Love it."

Someone else agreed and added, "I want to go to that bar just because of this story."

After some prompting from wanting wants, pinkyfittts eventually revealed this particular bar was located in New Orleans.

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And then after even more prompting, they named the specific bar as being a spot called "Tipitina’s," explaining that this situation actually happened about 10 or 12 years ago.

It's not every day that a bar challenges the dangerous cycle of nightlife culture and prioritizes the safety of people over profit. We are definitely rooting for more bars like this all around the world.

Let us know what you think of this inspiring story in the comments and if you'd like to go to a bar with an ethical code like this.

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