15+ People Who Showed Us How They Really Felt

Some people have a unique way of cutting through the waffle and getting straight to the matter how others may react.

And so, from people who were very honest about their own place on the road to individuals who left very strongly worded notes for their neighbors, here are 18+ times people showed us how they really felt!

"Brutally honest."

And then, after several years of their crap sitting in your garage, you can then have a yard sale and sell that crap to someone else! It's an endless cycle!

"Desperate times..."

What came over this woman to think that she needed to steal a doormat? I mean, it's not like they're particularly expensive or rare items!

"The bold letters on my teacher's innocent posters spell out her true message."

I can imagine that there are a lot of teachers who wish that they could use the real phrase that this acronym stands for sometimes.

"They were all out of malice."

There really is nothing quite like the cool, refreshing taste of Spite on a warm day! I also love the little sticker that just says, "WOW Chip!" for some reason.

"Shoutout to the PTA at my kids' elementary school for the most hilariously honest fundraiser I've ever seen."

I suppose if they give money this way, then the money is more likely to go directly to the school as well I guess? What a win for laziness!

"This message is in the window of a UK fish and chip shop."

I love that he took the time to explain why they were closed, but he doesn't strike me as a man who is the embodiment of brevity!

"Dog poo message..."

Sure, they think that they would be okay with unicorn poop everywhere, but even that would get annoying once the initial appeal wore off!

"My brother's message to our mom."

Now I am just imagining Jack and Danny as providing a sort of sanctuary for kids with bad grades, like an embassy for the ill-prepared.

"Last day at my current job before I start a new one later this week. At least they told me how they really feel."

I particularly like how they made it look like someone scrawled it in their own blood with their fingernail as well! It really adds to the tone!

"Public message, one man's revolt — hope this doesn't start a revolution though."

I mean, I feel like he needs to tell us what the size of the bowl is, and how full it is. Although, it would have to be a vat of lettuce to warrant this price.

"Now I know why the patio is closed."

In other news, the grass is green because of the fact that is it green. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

"Just a 15 foot tall billboard near my neighborhood... I wish they would tell us how they really feel."

I am sure that anyone trying to sell a house around here is absolutely thrilled by this message to prospective buyers!

"Hold the straws."

Look, some people just don't like straws okay? Also, not giving someone a straw means less waste, this person is doing their bit for the environment damn it!

"My friend sees this every day. It looks like it desperately wants to escape."

Christ alive, this poor toy looks like it is screaming for help! Maybe that is Sid's back yard?

"A pretty color with a brutally honest name."

"Oh, what a lovely scarf, did you make it yourself?"


"What color is it?"

"None of your business."

"BK is savage."

Ah Burger King, always trying to make up for their wet buns and tasteless burgers with their wit.

"Looks like the guy next to me already gave up on college."

Jesus, this guy just needs to start playing on his phone or napping during boring lectures instead of letting them get to him so much!

"At least he's honest, and safe."

Maybe he is actually transporting canisters of old farts in that little box...for whatever reason.

"My dad really knows how to pour out his feelings."

What a wordsmith! This guy could really give Shakespeare or any of the Romantic poets a run for their money!

"My friend parked like a d-bag. The neighborhood kids left him a message."

They showed amazing restraint by no doing anything to the actual car, which is pretty damn impressive for kids!