DIYer Shares Easy Step-By-Step Guide To Flip A $10 Ikea Dresser

Is there anything better than an Ikea flip? No, no there is not.

One clever TikTok user decided to take Ikea flipping to the next level. Not only did they source the cabinet from the thrift store, but the end result is entirely unrecognizable!

Enough buildup, though. Let's get to it.

You're going to need an Ikea RAST for this one.

TikTok user @simpleediy picked up theirs from the thrift store for $10. If you can't find one at yours (and odds are low that you will), you can pick one up from Ikea for a very reasonable $39.99.

Here's what you'll need.

The dresser, wood glue, wood filler, some new handles, pine board, burlap, paint, and new legs. This definitely is more intense DIY if you're new to DIY-ing, but it's fairly straightforward!

First, let's start with the wood filler.

Remove the knobs the RAST comes with, then fill in those holes with wood filler. @simpleediy also chose to cover the visible screw divots with it, which is a genius idea.

Attach the pine board to the bottom of the dresser to give it a flat bottom.

This step is very important. The RAST has a raised bottom, so you'll need to add the pine board to give yourself something to mount the new legs to.

Time for burlap.

Cut your burlap to size, then staple it down to the drawer front. Add trim to finish off those edges, and then fill in the gaps with wood glue to give it a polished look! Ugh, this is going to look so good.


Now, if you're trying this DIY, you can paint your RAST any color you want. I would have gone for a dusty pink, but I can't deny the versatility of a black piece of furniture.

They even created a whole base for the legs.

This step isn't necessary if you get legs with proper mounting hardware. However, since @simpleediy used some old legs cut down to size, they had to build a base to attach them to. Skip this step and get pre-made legs!

Then, drill your holes for hardware.

Ah, the most satisfying part of any DIY. Measure up your drawers and add your hardware of choice to really finish off your piece! Get creative here — life is too short for boring drawer pulls.


Check out that total babe of a dresser! This dresser is a boho lover's dream, and looks amazing with some greenery next to it!

What do you think? Would you try this hack?