Crochet Ice Pop Holders Keep Hands Warm While You Cool Down

Ice pops: the summer staple you can enjoy at any age.

They do have a downside, though. See, ice cream is easy to hold, on account of the handy cone element. But freezies? Well, those are designed to frost the hell out of your fingers.

Well, someone finally decided to do something about our frozen fingers.

First of all, let's have a debate.

Do you call them ice pops, or freezies? I'm Canadian, so I (of course) call them by their proper name: freezies. However, I have been informed by my American friends that y'all don't call them that. Sad.

So anyway, onto the freezie holders.

They're so cute! You can get a fish, a shark, a flower, a snake, or an ice cream cone. My favorite is the ice cream cone for its self-referential nature, you know?

Reviewers absolutely love the pattern!

They've all noted how easy the pattern is to follow, and how simple the whole project is. Everyone seems to love the ice cream cones the most! Taste.

They were created by Etsy user 5SnowflakesDesigns.

5SnowflakesDesigns has the patterns for all five designs up for download right now. You can get the whole bundle for $5! What a steal!

Happy crafting, and remember: they're called freezies. Duh.