Handmade Kitty Paw Socks For Chair Legs Help Protect Floors

You know what your furniture needs? Cat paws.

Not all over it, of course. Then your furniture would look like my furniture. But what if the legs of your furniture had a little cat paw flavor? I know, I know. That sounds great.

Let's check it out!

Admit it, these are even cuter than you were picturing.

Look at those tiny feet! Or peets, as we call them in my house. Created by Etsy shop 4ceesCreations, these cute little paws will fit perfectly over your furniture legs!

Let's see them in action.

Yup, adorable. As you can see, they come in a bunch of different colors! You can choose from black, grey, orange, and dark grey. You know, cat fur colors.

Reviewers love them.

"These are super cute and of excellent quality. They shipped very fast too. The perfect way to keep our piano bench from scratching our floors," one reviewer raved about their socks.

There's also a knitted version.

Same idea, different technique. These hand-knitted cat paw socks from the Etsy store CanoodlesKnits would also look adorable on your chair legs while protecting your floor.

You can get them on Etsy right now!

They come in sets of four, and you can get them for $12!

Would you use these on your furniture? They are a little more fun than just regular furniture pads, let's be real.