10+ Design Trends That Aren't Actually Good Ideas

Home design trends are always changing.

We've seen everything over the years from farmhouse chic to chevron everything.

While some of these trends are given the stamp of approval to stay for as long as they'd like, there are others that need to go, like, now.

Enter: these 10+ design trends that aren't actually good ideas.

We all love some home renovation.

Whether you're buying a new place, or renovating your old one, there is nothing more satisfying than throwing old stuff out to make way for fun new items and pieces.

However, not every design trend is a good one.

The two I just showed you are stunning but that isn't the case for a ton of trends that we have seen over the years.

We are here to tell you which of those trends are simply...not good ideas.

1. A toilet seat cover

I think I'd run out of reasons to explain why this is a very, very bad idea.

Sure, you get the chance to warm your buns, but you're also warming them on MILLIONS of germs. Happy pooping!

2. Interesting lamps

The woman's leg lamp in A Christmas Story clearly started this trend.

Save the quirky lamps — I've seen everything from a PS4 lamp to a skull one — for those quirky roadside bars, not your home.

3. Carpets with long fibers

A brand-new shag carpet will fulfill all your '70s-inspired decor dreams. The fibers are long and look great with funky pieces.

But a worn long fiber carpet? Not so good. They get flat pretty quickly, making the piece lose its style.

4. White furniture

Let's be real: if you have pets, kids, or an affinity for messy foods, this is a no bueno.

You'll be afraid of even using it for fear that it will get dirty. From there, those cleaning expenses rack up.

5. Long curtains

The main benefits of long curtains are that they make your room look taller. The downside, though?

They get dirty fast, especially if you have pets or children. This means that you'll be spending a long time trying to clean them.

6. Chalkboard walls

You might have seen one of these on Pinterest and thought that it would be a great idea to write out the menu for the week or let your kids play on it.

But pretty soon, you'll be left with pink feet from all the chalk dust.

7. Painting your floors

Since you walk on it all of the time, the paint is likely to chip and peel away pretty fast.

It's also something that should be done professionally to avoid disasters such as this one.

8. Sink next to the window

In theory, it sounds pretty nice: you have a view of your neighborhood while you slave away over dishes.

But in reality, you'll have to deal with washing your windows frequently from soapy water splashing on them.

9. Tiled tabletop

You may have seen lots of TikTokers design redo their bathrooms or kitchens this way.

While it looks clean and stylish brand-new, that changes once water builds up on the grout lines. They then get dark and must be cleaned frequently.

10. A standing bathtub

I have one of these and can attest to how much of a pain they are!

While they look pretty and fulfill any #bathtubgoals you might have, they also require a lot of space and hot water to fill.

11. Glass shower door

Many Redditors found that these doors require a lot of maintenance to avoid mold or fungus and other hard-to-remove stains.

They are also potentially dangerous, as one Redditor had their shower glass door spontaneously explode.

12. Bathroom tiling with designs

This is a great example of "just because you can doesn't mean you should."

The tiling is supposed to showcase a design of some sort, but all we see is a very disgusting example of terrible aim...

13. Mirrored appliances

This is just trippy — and not in a good way!

It's a good way to catch a good shameful look at yourself before you visit the fridge for the millionth time that day. Also, think of all the cleaning.

14. A glass table

This video of a dog falling through a glass table should give you a pretty good idea why they're not the best decor trend.

In addition to this, there will always be stains that are difficult to remove.

15. Having a door to every room

It might seem crazy, but it's true.

Doors take up tons of space and because of that, you're actually making your rooms smaller if you close off each one instead of making some of your rooms connect!

16. Having an artificial stone sink

Sure, they do look better than stainless steel.

But to actually care for it, you need special products, have to make sure your temperature never changes suddenly, and it can only withstand a certain amount of weight.

17. Doors with glass

Don't get me wrong, they will always look stunning.

But they will probably also always be dirty. So it really depends on how often you want to clean your doors.

18. Interesting sinks

No matter how cool they look, they will always be a pain to clean.

The more complicated the design, the harder it will be for the user to clean it up. It's nothing but trouble.

19. Having a sink over your washing machine

Does this save space? Absolutely.

But not only is it uncomfortable for some of us shorter people, but these kinds of sinks are never very deep and you need special taps to make them work.

Now, we want to hear from you.

Were there any design trends that you tried out that ultimately didn't work? Or have your designs been smooth sailing so far?

Let us know down below in the comment section! We would love to hear from you!

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