10+ Celeb Men Over 50 Who Are Staying Fit

So, we always share the fitness routines of female celebs over 50 but we never talk about the men!

Now, it is their time to shine. These warriors aren't letting age slow them down. If anything, some have ramped up their fitness routines even more!

Here are 10+ celeb men over 50 who are staying fit.

Jason Statham

As an action star, it's basically the actor's job to stay fit at any age.

For this, he works out six days per week doing a variety of high-intensity exercises, such as his pyramid circuit training of seven different exercises.

Mark Consuelos

At 50 years old, the actor can still keep up with his younger Riverdale co-stars.

The show's trainer, Alex Fine, told People that the cast hits the gym two times per day to run on the treadmill and do mostly bodyweight workouts.

Hugh Jackman

When the 52-year-old agreed to do another Wolverine film, he knew he had to hit the gym.

He worked with trainer, David Kingsbury, to build muscle doing everything from bench presses to pushups to progressive overloading with weights.

Sylvester Stallone

His birth certificate may say 74 years old, but his abs tell a different story.

The Rambo actor has always been majorly into fitness and weightlifting. According to his trainer, Gunnar Peterson, he hits the gym three to five times per week.

Robert Downey Jr.

He didn't lead the Marvel franchise without a good workout regime.

For this, he trained using a mixture of Wing Chun (Chinese self-defense) and functional exercises. "It’s a mixed bag every session, and I alternate between periods of heavy weight and low reps with lighter weight and high reps," he told TrainMag.

Tom Cruise

The Mission Impossible star's secret to staying young at 54 is an active lifestyle, beyond just the gym.

“Sea-kayaking, caving... fencing, treadmill, weights... rock-climbing, hiking... I jog... I do so many different activities," he told Men's Health.

Harrison Ford

Now that he's geared up to film the fifth Indiana Jones film at 74, he's changed up his exercise regime a bit.

"I believe in training for injury prevention more than anything else," he told Bodybuilding.com. "I'm an old fart and I need to protect myself, so I trained quite a bit.


He's able to still be a rock star at 69 thanks to his dedicated yoga practice.

"Two decades of yoga has given me two extra decades of this career," he told Energy Times. "I wouldn’t be able to do it if I was out of shape."

Rob Lowe

He's 57, but still looks in his thirties thanks to his overall healthy lifestyle, which includes following an Atkins diet, intermittent fasting, and a love of outdoor sports.

You'll often find him out on the water surfing these days.

Patrick Stewart

The Star Trek actor is quite the rarity. He's 80 and still has six-pack abs!

He gets this from his love of push-ups. He even does them one-handed, as shown in this picture he posted of himself from 2014.

Jon Bon Jovi

Like Sting, the singer credits his ability to still rock to yoga.

“I was doing workout 101 for years: treadmill, elliptical, weights. Now I’m going to do yoga and enjoy it. I’m a 21st-century man,” he told Health Fitness Revolution.

Liam Neeson

“I keep a pretty fit life,” the Taken actor told Collider. “I mix it up. I do a lot of power walking. I use a lot of kettlebells.”

He also credits his fit bod to his background as an amateur boxer.

Terry Crews

The Brooklyn 99 actor has consistently had chiseled abs for decades thanks to his consistency with his workouts. This largely includes chest and bicep exercises.

"Most of my workout has been the same; literally 90 percent of it has been the same thing for 20 years," he told Men's Health.

Gerald Butler

While he's not as fit as his 300 days anymore, he's still looking mighty fit for 51.

His secret these days is hitting the gym every other day and utilizing a workout plan that involves full-body exercises.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

You'd be hard-pressed to find another male celeb who prioritizes fitness like Arnold does. Even at 73, he's still hitting the gym consistently.

His current routine involves 90 minutes of a combination of cycling and weights.

John Stamos

Uncle Jessie is still looking fine AF at 57. He got there in an unlikely way: Pilates.

He told Star: “I go in and it’s all women except for me. And I know they make up these exercise like, ‘Hey John! Come over here and do the penguin!’ and I’m like, ‘The penguin? That’s a weird one.’

Dennis Quaid

“Start young. Because once you lose it, it’s hard to get it back,” the 67-year-old actor once told Men's Journal about staying fit.

His routine over the decades has always included yoga, cycling, and playing golf.

Christopher Meloni

Now that the actor has returned to Law & Order SVU, fans couldn't help but notice how good he's looking these days!

He credits this to changing up his workouts often to surprise his muscles. Basketball? CrossFit? Weightlifting? He's done them all.

Vin Diesel

Take one look at the Fast and Furious star's Instagram and you'll see how much he still prioritizes fitness.

He's heavy into weightlifting, as his routine often includes everything from deadlifts to dumbbell shoulder presses to pushups.