16+ Mistakes That Made Us Laugh And Cry At The Same Time

Everyday tasks can be a little difficult for some people. Whether it be making a cake or simply remembering the flag of the country that you live in!

And so, bearing this in mind, please allow me to take you on a tour of idiocy with these 17+ hilarious mistakes we can't help but laugh at!

"My mum asked what cake to make my 1yr old for his birthday. We asked for a duck."

I don't know what kind of ducks this person's mother is used to seeing, but those ducks need putting out of their misery!

"We suck at puzzles."

And now this shall hang on their wall as a constant reminder of their failure. It is truly beautiful!

"Was this you?"

I particularly love the "It's okay! These things happen" caveat that they added. How very understanding!

"Turns out I'm not very good at online shopping."

Someone did suggest that the best course of action would be to buy another one and then place it on top of this one, which is a hilarious idea.


"So, is that just a giant nose on your head?"

"Yeah, you need to see it when I'm with my three mates, it looks sick!"

"Sure it does..."

"The Bingo facility next to our dental office owns the parking lot, so they had to make a sign for our patients. They didn't give a rat's ass..."

Nothing like a bit of malicious compliance to keep your next door neighbors on their toes!

"Painted the road, boss."

Look, you don't want to get on the wrong side of the stick-movers' union. Those guys are ruthless.

"Need Spanish!"

Did the person printing this sign seriously look at this and think, "Yep, that sounds like Spanish to me!"

"By apoytment!"

I was going to say that at least it works when read phonetically, but they missed the damn "n" so it doesn't even work that way!

"Security dog!"

I know that there are a lot of people out there who bend the truth a bit on their CV when applying for a job, but this is too much!

I Bet It Does!

What a great sentiment to have carved into your headstone. It's just the right level of funny and yet genuinely miserable!

"Got the Z boss!"

At least it is a subtle difference between this one letter and the rest. You really have to pay attention to see what they've done here.

"Accidentally leaving 8 writing pens in the dryer."

I could maybe understand if they had just left one pen in a pocket, but who carries eight pens in their pockets at all times?

"Pro-tip: When transporting paint make sure it is properly secured. Especially if you are driving in a $90,000 Maserati."

Maybe they could try and market this as the Jackson Pollock special edition collaboration interior?

"Sign on bathroom stalls at local campground."

But if toilets aren't for flushing your hopes and dreams down, then what else are they for?

"Any losers looking for a job?"

Someone who had experienced similar sign trouble in the past wrote, "That used to happen all the time where I worked about 25 years ago. Kids would walk by and take 'C' in Closers. Also another one was taking the 'F' in 'Now hiring all shifts.'"

"Now in Russia..."

This bus driver was clearly a little envious of all of the attention that the Suez Canal incident was getting.

"The Flag of France according to the French Air Force."

I think that this new flag is actually pretty swish, it's new, it's innovative, and it's slightly confusing, exactly how a good flag should be!

"Package has been delivered safely!"

"Look, we said we would deliver it safely, but there was no mention of us not being allowed to leave it in a ridiculously precarious place!"

The Parent's Quick Fix...

This unfortunate person explained, "Accidentally got acetone on my [daughter's] favorite doll and made her cry when her entire face wiped off. Saw a youtube video about redoing Barbie faces. Thought I could do it. I can't. Now [it's] a thing of nightmares and I feel even worse."