Quotes For When 'That One Friend' Is Everyone's Friend

As we go through life, we make various friends and come to know their unique personalities and lovable quirks. But sometimes they're not quite as unique as they might like to think they are.

In fact, just about all of us have "that one friend" who, let's just say, is sprinkled with a bit more seasoning than our other buddies, seasoning that gives their personality quite the extra zest.

Here are some quotes in honor of "that one friend."

This is quote for those of us with that one friend who has random epic adventures on the regular.

Most of us have that one friend who has an outlandish story to tell every time we see them about stuff that sounds super made-up.

But it's always super entertaining either way.

Here's one for that one friend that likes to pretend they're not a hardcore party machine.

We all have that friend that can't wait for the pandemic to end and for the party to begin, because most of their days used to consist of going to a from party to party and having a few sips of alcohol here and there.

Here's one for those people who are "that one friend" in the group.

If you are that one friend in your group, you will not only know it, but you will wear your label with pride because it takes some real natural talent to be that kind of friend to any friend group.

Finally, this is for that one friend who thinks the freeway is a Nascar race track.


This is the quote for all of us who has a dear friend we love everywhere...except for on the road.

These are the speed racers who aren't exactly good at being speed racers, especially when their friends are in the car holding on for dear life.

Let us know what you think of these quotes in the comments and if any or all of them resonate with you or that one friend in your crew.