TikTok User Shares Spot-On Roasts Of Interior Design Trends

I absolutely love TikToks where people do sketches with themselves. I especially love it when they're roasting interior design. Is that a niche part of TikTok? Yes. Is it the best? Also yes.

Enter Julie Jones Art Studio, aka @juliejonesstudio. She started a TikTok series dunking on past interior design trends, and guys? We did not have good taste back in the day.

The '70s are up first.

"You know where we should put carpet? On the walls. Velvet tapestry."

"What about the carpet on the floor?"

"Make it orange. And long. Really long."

What exactly happened in the '70s, guys. What happened there.

Time to roast my birth year.

This take on 1989 is too accurate, guys.

"You know what's better than paint? Wallpaper."

Oh god. This is already not going well. Let's see what else she has to say.

Oh, 1989.

"Different themes for every room. Dining room. Living room. Game room. Library. Kitchen. The bathroom."

"Like, half the wall?"

"No. The whole wall."

And for those who want a little something extra, why not add a fun wallpaper border?

Part two of 1989 was even more accurate.

"You know what would look nice on the trim? Burgundy. Or green."

I am of the firm belief that the only colors that trim should be are black and white. Thank you.


Unsplash | Danny Howe

"Oh yeah, tile countertops are the way to go." That's all I needed to hear. Why did we as a society do that? What were we thinking? The grout, guys.

Let's fast-forward to 2014 with (some) apologies to Joanna Gaines.

"I love this wood on the walls."

"Oh thanks. It's called shiplap."

"So timeless."

IS IT THOUGH? Or did we all trick ourselves into thinking we needed wood on our walls? AGAIN?

But by far, my absolute favorite take of hers is her take on barn doors.

"You know, I am just sick and tired of doors opening the normal way. I wish there was a way to just slide it open."

"Like a pocket door!"

Nope, not like a pocket door.

"No. I want to see it as it slides. I also want there to be a small gap around the whole door. So it doesn't close all the way."

Barn doors deserved this roast.

What trends would you love to keep in the past?

I'm on board with never seeing subway tile again, saying goodbye to wall-to-wall carpeting, shiplap, and never seeing mirrored furniture again. I know, those were some spicy takes.