14+ People Who Relaxed Too Soon

Jumping the gun is something that we can always be guilty of, whether it be getting preemptive tattoos or making a somewhat ill-advised and rash purchase.

So, with this idea in mind, please enjoy the mercifully hilarious misfortunate of these 14+ people who jumped the gun!

Is It Really?

I feel like going out while wearing that shirt is just asking for trouble regardless of what you've got planned!

"Out Of Order Mate!"

I absolutely love the tone of this message. Also, the line, "You're out of order mate, if anyone is" is one of the most British sentences of all time.

"Ordered a custom shirt showing my love for my son's favorite character. Apparently I forgot to remove the placeholder text I added to the back while designing it."

I have learnt the hard way to never put a "funny" answer in a form with the idea of coming back and changing it later. You always end up sending the "funny" answer.

"He just wanted to make a copy..."

I can imagine that this was something that lead to this person taking an early dart. Of all the reasons to let someone go early, being forcibly covered in ink has to be one.

"Snapped this picture when I was leaving a client. The guys in the parking lot gave me a thumbs up as I left."

"Look, I'm really sorry about this, it's just what with the name and the slogan and all..."

"Please, it's fine, just put your pants back on and we can forget this ever happened."

"My buddy slowed down below the speed limit cause he thought a cop was behind him until the car pulled next to us."

I wouldn't be so calm, you never know what could happen if these guys actually pull you over!

"Hit and run jerk left something important at the accident he abandoned. His bumper with plates. Instant Karma?"

I just love the idea of the person who was driving this car eventually getting away and thinking, "I can't believe I pulled that off without a single shred of evidence and... Oh, crap."

"The firetruck must have been thirsty."

Wild firetrucks are well known to replace their water reserves by drinking at reservoirs, have you people not seen a David Attenborough documentary before? Jeez!

"Barbara Has No Chill!"

Jesus Christ Barbara! I bet it was hard work growing up in Barbara's house as a child!

"My best calligraphy up to now is misspelled."

I would frame this and keep it on my wall as a constant reminder to always check my own work as I'm going. Your asking for trouble if you don't!

(Before the slew of comments...yes, that was deliberate!)

"Tried to shave last night but the can wouldn't give me any gel, so I gave up. I woke up to see this in the bathroom."

Looks like your shaving foam bottle is turning into a chrysalis, how exciting! I wonder what will emerge?

"Shout out to the baker missing their nail. Worst part is I chewed on it twice thinking it was a clove of garlic before I made the horrific realisation it was a finger nail."

The idea of chewing on someone's rancid-looking fingernail nearly made me vomit when I first saw this. I'm trying to not think about it again, let's move on!

"See those eggs? They are supposed to be in the pies. I made two hot oily chocolate garbage circles."

I know that they might not be what you set out to make, but there would be no way that I would let "two hot oily chocolate garbage circles" go to waste.

"My friend spotted this at a shop in San Francisco."

I like how they aren't even threatening to throw water on smokers, they're just going straight for stomping on them!

Things Turn Up At The Worst Moments Sometimes!

The story behind this ring is, "So about 6 years ago I lost my wedding ring. I ended up getting a tattoo rather than replace it. We have moved twice since then and live in a different state. My wife just found it in [an] old purse."

Noticing The Notice!

I love that they put a little anarchist logo at the end, even though they're being very helpful actually.

"My son paid for the WORST tattoo that featured his Xbox gamer tag. Weeks later he gave up gaming!"

This is a truly ghastly tattoo, both in terms of idea and execution. Better get working on a cover-up idea!

"We suck at puzzles..."

I would still be tempted to frame this, with the little inclusion of the dog who ate the pieces in the bottom corner as well of course. I wouldn't fancy trying to get those pieces back.

"Guess it's not the right time to crave the Dave's Combo."

That seems like a pretty bad place to work based upon this. It must have been one hell of a shock for the person who put this sign up when they turned up at work and there was no one there.

"For Sale! 2001 Honda Civic, great condition (I hope)!"

Well, if it has been frozen in ice then surely it will be preserved in a fantastic condition until the ice melts?