Pregnant Woman Pulls Epic Online Shopping Prank On Her Husband

Are you the family prankster? Do you scheme every year how to fool your family? Well, if you do, I think this lady has got you beat.

This pregnant wife pulled the ultimate prank on her husband. I guarantee you'll be laughing your head off when you find out about it. I've got to give it to this lady — it's pretty genius, ha, ha!

Fellow ladies, let's get an 'a-ha' on this one.

Unsplash | Adrian Swancar

We all know how annoyed men get when they see yet another package delivered to the house. Am I right, ladies? Oh, you can almost see the steam coming out of their ears. Ha, ha! If you shop online a lot, you probably get what I'm saying.

It's not a big secret that a lot of women like to shop.

Unsplash | freestocks

Come on, admit it. Did you just get a package delivered by UPS, like, yesterday? OMG, I had to hide a few of those from my fiancé just the other day, lol.

And now, with multiple lockdowns and being unable to shop in-store, online shopping is where it's at.

Unsplash | Charles Deluvio

Can you blame us? Okay, okay. It's no surprise that guys are trying to put their foot down and ask their ladies to stop buying more stuff.

At least that's what this one husband tried to do.

Unsplash | Camylla Battani

He told his pregnant wife to stop shopping online. However, being pregnant and all, she chose to prank him instead. And, boy, did she pull the ultimate prank on her unsuspecting fellow.

She gathered all the packages from her previous orders and placed them outside of their house.

Basically, she made it look like it all got delivered — today! OMG, ha, ha! I think this lady deserves a medal for creativity, no?

Can you imagine the surprised look on her husband's face when he showed up home?

Well, you don't have to. Here he is, alright. I would love to know what went through his mind when he saw a whole lot of packages delivered right to his door step.

I bet he was like, "WTF?!"

And to make matters even worse for him, a UPS guy showed up right then and there. She didn't even plan that. UPS just happened to have the best timing ever. Hee, hee, that's the cherry on the top of the cake.

I wish I could see his face once the wife told him it was all a big joke.

To say that he must've been relieved would be an understatement. But come on, she is expecting a third child, so back off, man. You can't tell a pregnant lady to stop shopping. Are you with me, ladies?

So what do you think of this wife's prank on her husband?

I think it's pretty dang genius. I only wish I came up with it. But then again, I don't know how my fiancé would handle it, hee, hee. What about your hubby? Would he have a heart attack if he saw this?