Making A DIY Serving Tray Is Easier Than People Might Think

If you're looking for a new DIY project to tackle, we've got just the ticket.

Enter: this DIY serving tray. The best part is, it's way easier to make than you'd think. And it takes about five minutes to put together. Use it to serve snacks, drinks — basically, whatever you fancy.

Keep reading for a general tutorial on how to do it!

Serving trays are EVERYTHING!

You can use them to serve wine, veggies and dip, divorce papers, whatever you choose!

But buying your own can tend to lean toward the pricy side. This one from Crate & Barrell is $59 alone... Thankfully, there are plenty of DIY tutorials you can get inspired from on the web.

If you want to make a serving tray that has handles to carry it, we've got just the general tutorial for that.

What you'll need: cutting board, drawer pulls (a long bar style is easier to hold), power drill with drill bit, measuring tape, and a pen or marker.

Step one: flip the cutting board upside down and place the bar handle where you'll want it to sit.

This will be ideally centered width-wise near the edge. Then, take your measuring tape next to measure the distance of where you'll be placing the screws.

Use the pen or marker to mark this down.

Make sure the points you marked down accurately match up with the length of the bar handle.

Once that's complete, it's drilling time.

Using a drill bit that's as close to the size of screws for your handles as possible, drill into the cutting board on the underside.

Tip: You may want to place a piece of leftover wood underneath your cutting board to prevent any damage to your work surface.

For the fourth step, all you do is use your drill to attach the bar handles to the cutting board using the screws that came with the bar handles.

While most cutting boards come with little bumpers on the bottom to raise it up, yours might not.

If so, you'll need to either countersink your screws or add little rubber pads around them to give them a lift.

After that, you'll all done! Pretty simple, huh?

Here are some more finished examples from DIYers on Instagram.

If this doesn't get you into the Christmas spirit, I don't know what will. Just imagine watching Christmas movies by the fire and serving hot cocoa on this rustic and festive tray!

For this one, they used plywood instead of a cutting board.

This person custom-designed theirs!

This is a perfect idea if you're planning on gifting the serving tray to someone.

If it's for a wedding gift, for example, you could write the couple's name. And if it's a housewarming present, write their house number or "Home Sweet Home." The sky truly is the limit.

If you don't want to serve food on your tray, use it to store keys, mail, pantry supplies, etc.

You're free to make your own changes and add your own unique touches. Just remember: this is your own DIY adventure!

Will you be trying this DIY serving tray? Let us know!