Glass Artist Creates Realistic Monstera Leaves

Glass artists are on another level.

Not only do they create gorgeous works of art, they create that art with fire. I mean, do I need to say anything else?

One glass artist on TikTok gained a massive following making something we all love — monstera leaves!

Meet Madeline, aka @madhotglass.

She's a glass artist with an eye for creating mind-bending illusions!

Recently, she started making monstera leaves, and of course social media went wild for actual plants that you can't kill.

She documents her whole process on TikTok!

It's actually hard for her to record, because she has to make sure she doesn't melt her phone! She documents it all on @madhotglass, where she boats an impressive 58,000+ followers.

According to Madeline, making them is really hard.

They're physically strenuous for her. She has to blow a bubble with the glass, and that usually involves a huge amount of heat. She actually wears kevlar under her jacket while she does it!

You can buy her pieces on Etsy!

Monsteras of all sizes are available on her Etsy! You can get a small one for $130, all the way up to $300. That's a great price for something someone has to wear kevlar to make!