Allison Janney Gushes About Embracing Her Gray Hair: 'It's Heaven'

Allison Janney is one of the most iconic celebrities of all time. Not only has she starred and/or supported several very important films in Hollywood, but she's just cool AF, too! I love her easy, breezy attitude and the way she is always able to tell it like it is!

Now, Allison is opening up about embracing her gray hair, and I'm so obsessed!

There is truly nothing I love more than women embracing their age.

Men are allowed to be called "silver foxes" and are always complimented for "aging like a fine wine," but where is the praise for our mature ladies?

Thankfully, more and more women are embracing their silver locks, and are looking amazing while doing it!

Jamie Lee Curtis, Jane Fonda and Helen Mirren are just a few examples of stunning, successful women in Hollywood who are ditching the hair dye.

Now, we can add Allison Janney to the list!

While chatting on *The Drew Barrymore* show, the 60-year-old revealed why she decided to go au natural.

"I cannot tell you how amazing it is to feel free. Free from hair colour and hair extensions and hair tape and blah blah blah," she explained.

Allison continued: "To be able to run my hands through my hair and hopefully sometime a man will be able to run his hands through my hair and just appreciate it. It’s heaven."

"I am enjoying this new chapter in my hairdo world," she concluded.

We are loving the gray locks! Work it, queen!