Shaquille O'Neal Paid For A Stranger's Engagement Ring In Georgia

There are a lot of arguments over who the best celebrities are, and while you can always base your opinion based off music they've released, movies they've been in, or who starred on your favorite shows, in my opinion the real best celebrities are the ones who always give back to the people who support them and their careers.

Shaquille O'Neal is always giving back to his fans!

Pretty much everyone in the world knows Shaq. Not only is he one of the biggest guys most of us have ever seen (he towers in at OVER 7 feet tall) but he's also an incredibly successful basketball player-turned sports analyst who's always seemed like he has a big heart to match his big frame!

Shaq proved that theory correct recently when a video surfaced showing him buying a stranger's engagement ring for them in Georgia!

"A REAL one! Out of no where The Big Fella decided to pay for this young mans engagement ring," shared the Instagram account that first posted the video. "To be blessed you have to bless others!"

This isn't the first time Shaq's been incredibly generous with his fans.

Last year, Shaq bought a laptop for a fan who expressed his condolences to Shaq after the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant.

“I like y’all, so get the nicest one in here and I’ll pay for it," the fan quoted Shaq as telling him.

What an awesome gesture!

It's incredible that Shaq would take the time out of his day to do something so awesome for a stranger! The next time he faces up against Aaron Carter, I'm definitely rooting for him!