15+ Hidden Jokes That Made Us Do A Double Take

Subtle jokes can be found all round this world of ours, and sometimes they can really catch you by surprise.

So, from people doing truly bizarre and genius things with loaves of bread to terrifying signs in toilets, here are 15+ hidden jokes that made us do a double take.

"Passed by a math book example today."

Maybe these watermelons are off to watermelon school, where they will solve math questions about counting how many humans other watermelons have.

"I'll Take The 6 Cat!"

"This crate of beer has a really bad attitude!"

"That's because it's a cat."

"Yeah, I guess, there's still no need for it to be a dick though."

"Some stories are probably better left unknown."

"Well, Dave, the checkup is all finished. Feel free to wash your hands...and only your hands!"

"For God's sake Doc, that was one time."

"One time is all it takes Dave."

"Accidentally parked in Thor's spot!"

I feel like I would constantly forget that this hammer was on the back of my car and back into things with it!

"I did a double-take after I saw some girl take a swig of a load of bread."

Nothing like a music festival to turn ordinary people in downright masters of deception! This is truly genius.

"When someone in a hospital has a sense of humor..."

Nothing like being defecated on by a paper pigeon to make your hands feel nice and clean!

Van Solo!

It looks like Boba Fett really had to cut back on his vehicle costs after getting devoured by the Sarlacc pit.

"These guys drove by me yesterday, had to do a double take."

They look cool as hell, especially the one resting his chin on the wing-mirror! I wish I could be this relaxed when driving.

"Trying to get millennials to buy homes the right way."

There is a worrying amount of people who I have known in my life who I think would genuinely be tempted by this offer.

"You can't make this stuff up!"

I know that people say that cigarettes are bad for you but this is something else. Going out with a bang is one way to leave this mortal realm I guess.

"My motivation for today came from a gas station sign and I'm not mad about it."

It is good thing that they are offering out motivation for free as the price of gas there is absolutely obscene.

"Drove by this sign on my way home from work."

I don't care how cute the pun is, I have never had a pet that did anything other than despise the vets with all of its being.

"A Somewhat Less Popular Rapper."

Sure, you could say that they are less popular, but as someone else pointed out, "Water Cube is so much hotter than Ice Cube rn."

"I came home from work today to find that my favorite banana had committed suicide."

If you know a banana who has been affected by the scenes in this image then please reach out to a banana helpline in your area.

"How to stop people defacing the river sign."

I mean, whoever named this river must have seen this sort of thing coming! I don't care how old the damn river is!

"Did a double take because those are not my little lady feet."

It actually took me a long time to realise what was actually going on to create this effect!

"Today's Goodwill find!"

Of all of the Bills that there are out there who you would want a painting off, Bill Murray has to be top of the list surely.

"They say that every sign has a story."

I hope above all hope that there is no story behind this sign. Well, unless the story is just that someone thought it would be funny to put it up!

"The instant I pour my milk. Every. Time."

I didn't even notice the cat at first, what a master of deception! Perhaps the cat is only there as it is judging this person for drinking milk with lasagne though?

Just Don't!

Maybe this would be perfect for you if your name was "Mike," but otherwise I cannot see why anyone would want this. It's a hideous color as well!