15+ People Who Are Having Trouble Working From Home

Over the last year and a bit, countless people have had to adopt all manner of new practices and faced new struggles when it comes to working from home.

So, from people who turned themselves into life-sized Barbie dolls for inexplicable reasons to individuals who found the best use for toilet paper, here are 16+ people who figured out this whole "Working from home" thing.

You're Always Being Monitored...

The person who posted this explained, "My 1yo son likes to peek into my home office doors from time to time just to smile at me. Doesn't say anything, just stands there and smiles until I acknowledge him." Terrifying.

"I made my cat a work from home set up."

"You see, the 'Hang In There' cat was actually my uncle, and I live by his inspiration every day!"

"Kids put up 'Employee of the Month' sign for mom that's working from home."

This is just the sweetest thing. Although, if their mother starts enforcing stricter rules on sweets then she may see this title be taken away.

"My next attempt at keeping the kids out of my home office while I am working..."

I think that there is still quite a bit of leeway for them to take advantage of here. I would at least add, "Is the house on fire?" as well as an option.

"Pretending to be a sophisticated, tea-drinking adult while in a zoom meeting, when really..."

Add some milk into this genius idea and you've got yourself the best cereal ever. Although, drinking "tea" with a spoon might give the game away a bit.

"Working from home. My daughter has taken to slipping notes under my door."

It sounds less like straight-up blackmail and more like she is threatening you with a curse! Also, if she is a representative of Food.Inc then you'd better pay up!

"I work from home. My wife (employee) bought me this after a heated dispute I had with her sister (also employee)."

That is one hell of a title, and one that is much punchier than just "Boss." I think that everywhere should adopt this new title, which I'll let you fill in the blanks of yourself.

"Hope they'll notice at some point."

I mean, I would be alarmed by your coworkers' general alertness if they didn't eventually notice what was going on!

"The joys of working from home."

This is a much more efficient version of what the previous parent's flow chart was attempting to do! Although, I bet the kids still barge in unannounced.

"My husband's work-at-home station keeps growing and it's driving me nuts!"

I like the idea of having such an ostentatious workstation, but I know that I would only ever have one monitor on anyway.

"I left my salad on my desk and I went downstairs... Come back to no salad and new messages to coworkers."

Look, if you leave a perfect step up onto a desk like this then your dog is bound to use it! Although, what kind of dog likes a salad?

"This is a neat way to project what you're writing to your students while working from home."

I didn't realise that MacGyver was now teaching mathematics. Although, after the reception that the reboot got it's no wonder he needed a career change.

"Working from home..."

It is a good job that this good boy is working from home, as those sheep do not look like they are keeping six feet apart!

"A friend's note to her husband this morning."

I dread to think how many people this sort of thing has happened to over the last year and a bit. HR must have been very busy!

"Now I get why everyone hoarded toilet papers..."

What a fantastic setup! Although, I do wonder what the long term effects on your back will be from working here all day, there's not much lumbar support on a toilet after all.

"Work from home Barbie costume I threw together for a costume competition at work."

The "frozen meals" and "bags under her eyes" add ons are a hatefully relatable bonus! Congrats on perfectly nailing the struggle of so many!

"Just my bird and I getting some work done at home."

That little guy probably has a lot of work to be doing ordering grain and worms on the internet. It's hard work being a full-time bird!

"My desk..."

I think that this is a fantastic setup. Although, I think that I would spend all day just playing that adorable tiny piano!

"My roommate's Zoom meeting attire."

I think that the most relatable thing about this one is actually the empty bottles of wine hiding just out of the webcam's view.

"Got a new kitten yesterday. My boxer thinks it's her baby. This is how I'm trying to work from home today."

Christ, and I thought that working with a single cat on your lap was tricky enough, never mind a dog trying to constantly get at that cat as well!