Jason Momoa's Bath Selfie Is The Only Pic We Need To See Today

Look, I'm a simple woman. I don't need a lot in this life, okay? I just need a little wine, a little soft cheese, and a whole lot of Jason Momoa.

So when my girlfriend texted me that Mr. Momoa had posted a selfie from the bath, I nearly knocked myself out with excitement.

I don't mean to sound dramatic, but Jason Momoa is a blessing to women, and men, and PEOPLE, everywhere.

He is just one of those celebrities that you can't help but stare at when he shows up on-screen. He is, dare I say, electric?

His talent and acting abilities extend far beyond his stint on *Games of Thrones* you know, the show most of us first met Mr. Momoa.

I personally am a huge Aquaman fan and I can't wait for the second film to come over, whenever that is...

damn you COVID-19!

However, Jason knows how to keep his fans entertained as we await his next project.

And let's just say, if you're not following Mr. Momoa on Instagram already, the following pictures will absolutely inspire you to.

Over the past year, Jason has been keeping fans posted on his personal and professional endeavours.

Like when he let us know there is a job out there where one can be paid to hose him down after he gets muddy from dune buggy riding.

I know, right?

Because, of course, Jason is a ~manly~ man that enjoys muddy dune buggy rides that leave him covered in dirt!

And when a Hollywood icon gets muddy, he obviously has someone on his payroll to hose him down.

"Like a pig in [expletive]. hard to explain this one. but i had an amazing day. now i need a dune buggy. dune coming soon aloha j," Jason wrote last summer.

Now I don't know much about dune buggying (??) but I do know I am jealous of the man who is hosing down Mr. Momoa.

Now, Jason is making us all kinds of thristy again.

Posting a selfie from the bath, the 41-year-old wrote: "night shoots and me don’t mix. OOOOF."

He continued: "i feel all those fights [sic] scenes when i was young and stupid."

Sorry, if you didn't focus on what the caption was it's okay — neither did I.

He followed up the caption with a series of hashtags that I can only describe as hectic.

"#brokenfemur #noknees #whatankle #wheredidmyshouldergo #stayhumbledontgrumble #fuckingbango. #dreamjob #needmoreice #psychosdontsleep #guinnessforbreakfast," he wrote.

The comments were obviously flooded with a lot of thirsty ladies.

"Hottest man ever," one fan wrote.

"This man is trying to give me a heart attack at 10am..." echoed another.

Others kept it just a *touch* more tasteful.

"I want to make a comment but I have too much respect for Lisa," commented one fan.

"You make it look so effortless on-screen even though it’s hard work," agreed another.

I'm just so thankful that we're all alive at the same time as Mr. Momoa.

He is one of our generation's biggest blessings and I stand by that statement!

What do you think of Jason's bathtime pic? Let us know in the comments below!