People Are Going Vegan After Watching Netflix's 'Seaspiracy'

One of my favorite things about watching documentaries is how powerful an influence just seeing what's going on in the world can be for your own daily life. Knowledge really is power, and seeing really is believing, so it makes sense that when big documentaries bring attention to certain issues, a lot of people's minds can change very quickly!

Netflix's documentary *Seaspiracy* is having that effect on viewers.

Seaspiracy is a documentary focusing on the environmental impact of fishing and the impact that human life and human consumption of fish has on marine life. The film was produced by Kip Anderson, who also directed Cowspiracy and What The Health, that had similar messages about the power of a plant-based diet.

Fans who have watched the documentary are already feeling the impact!

"Just watched @seaspiracy on Netflix and MY GOD it’s an eye opener. Thought I knew the extent of how bad the global fishing industry was on the environment and it turns out it’s so much worse than you’d think. I’m never eating seafood again," one fan tweeted.

Some fans felt the need to eliminate animal products from their diets immediately.

"To anyone out there that’s doing a beach clean/watching seaspiracy/decided to stop eating fish/researching climate change and having difficult conversations I SEE YOU and no matter what the change your making is it WILL make a difference! WE ARE ONE PLANET," one fan wrote.

What do you think?

Have you seen Seaspiracy and has it inspired you to eat less (or maybe even no) seafood or meat? Let us know how you feel in the comments section below!