Kaley Cuoco's Back Sparks Debate In New Instagram Video

Kaley Cuoco is everyone's favorite actress, let's be real — who doesn't have a soft spot for this blonde bombshell? The 35-year-old is best known for her role as Penny on the hit CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory, and now, the actress is expanding her horizons and her Instagram comedy skills.

However, fans recently noticed a health trend on Kaley that caused concern in her latest video.

Kaley Cuoco has been kind of ~rocking it~ recently.

She has landed countless nominations for her starring role in The Flight Attendant, a hit show which she also produced.

Of course, since the pandemic has ruined everything, it has also ruined award shows, which means celebs have to tune in via Zoom.

After the SAG Awards on Sunday, Kaley posted a video of herself, all dolled up, climbing into bed to watch Schitt's Creek after losing her nomination to the incomparable Catherine O'Hara.

"Goodnight and thank you @sagawards!" she captioned the video.

"Wow am I grateful to be a freakin actor. Now to continue binging my favorite show," she ended, with a winky face emoji.

While so many fans were obsessed with Kaley's ~comedy~ others couldn't help but notice the cupping marks on her back.

In case you missed the trend, cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine in which suction is created on the skin with the application of heated cups. The supposed benefits of cupping is to relieve muscle tension and promote cell repair.

While others swear by the holistic method, others are more skeptical and refer to it as "pseudoscience" and "quackery."

It's Hollywood — they practically invented quackery, ya know? Just look at Gwyneth Paltrow.

Of course, since it's the internet, people instantly began commenting on Kaley's cupping.

"You look stunning as always I’m cracking up because I can see the cupping," commented one fan.

"Cupping is life!" echoed another.

However, some people were quick to call Kaley out for using alternative medicine.

When one fan asked what cupping was in the comments, one follower replied "Pseudoscience. Fake medical procedure."

When a different fan asked why they bruised her back so badly, another follower replied: "It is from something called 'cupping.' Easy to look up, it is pseudoscience. There is no peer-reviewed evidence-based data published in reputable journals that "cupping" does anything scientifically therapeutic."

"Why do the suction cup things if they bruise you that bad?" asked another.

It should be noted that Kaley has been practicing cupping therapy and holistic medicine for *years* now.

Fans may remember the video she posted back in the summer of 2019 as she was receiving her treatment after a particularly intense workout.

At the time, Kaley explained to fans why was getting cupping and scraping therapy.

In the 2019 video, Kaley she asks the woman performing the therapy, Flory, to explain what she’s doing.

"I’m doing gua sha," Flory said. "Your fascia is intense and tight, and I need to remove it … your nerves and your ligaments get better."

The video continued with Flory doing cupping therapy on Kaley's legs,

"I mean, that is just ridiculous. Oh my goodness gracious. Oh my gosh,” the actress said in the video as Flory applied the cups.

She later said she was "absolutely wrecked" by the whole experience, but clearly, it's worked enough for her to continue to practice it!

Would you ever try cupping? Let us know in the comments below!