16+ People Who Failed In Hilarious Ways

Not everyone succeeds all of the time, which can be a hard pill to swallow but can also produce some hilarious results.

So, from people who nearly ate parts of their computer to cats who really couldn't get the hang of hunting, here are 16+ people who failed in hilarious ways!

"Just go around it Bob!"

I don't know how else he could actually deal with this situation in fairness, unless he just flattens that Hyundai!

*Sad Chicken Sounds!*

I cannot believe that anything at KFC could be any sadder than their pitiful fries. What an abomination they are!

"Boss was tired of our wire cutters getting stolen. Yep, that should do it."

One particularly devious person added, "I would cut the cable and then leave the wire cutter there. Steal the cable." Truly maniacal!

"I can't make this stuff up."

Cigarettes are trying to kill you anyway without adding this explosive element to smoking!

"Beware don't take your kids here on Sundays."

As far as deals to try and get people into a restaurant go, this has got to be one of the worst ever! Although, you'll really corner the cannibal market!

"Proud of the local crew and it only took them a month!"

Maybe this is a sort of unexpected test. If you're daft enough to follow the arrow and look to the right then you get a severe punishment!

*Mission Impossible Music Intensifies*

I bet that this cat thinks that it is completely invisible right now. A true master of deception and stealth!

One Hell Of A Byte...

The backstory to this bizarre picture was as follows: "So yesterday as I was messing around with USB sticks to install Windows I lost the cap of a red USB. I don't know how it ended up here but I found it today in the pasta dish I made yesterday night, almost perfectly disguised as a piece of red pepper."

"Painted the disabled sign boss."

"Are you sure that you don't need a stencil or a reference picture?"

"For the last time, no!"

"There was an attempt to relabel a product and give discount..."

"Sir, I'm afraid that you can't just peel the new price off and have the original price."


"Because screw you, that's why!"

"No chainsaws allowed."

I am absolutely desperate to know what happened for this rule to have been put in place!

Oh God...

Yeah, there is no way that you could come back from that kind of blunder on a first date. What a donut.

"No, tank you!"

Maybe this was a cake to be given to a tank driver...I mean, I highly doubt that, but you never know!

Say Goodbye To Your Eyes!

"I'm drinking so much coffee that it is making me go blind!"

"Dave, I don't think it's the coffee causing that..."

"A friend's note to her husband this morning."

"Well, I mean, that sounds like a challenge if nothing else!"

"David, I promise you that I am not challenging you!"

The Long Lost Ring...

This poor person explained, "So about 6 years ago I lost my wedding ring. I ended up getting a tattoo rather than replace it. We have moved twice since then and live in a different state. My wife just found it in [an] old purse."

"I was literally going out to buy chocolate chip cookies when I saw this abomination."

That's just the way that the cookie crumbles...well, it is when the baker is an absolute bonehead!

"Cat fails the hunt..."

I guess that you now have a pet chicken, and it looks remarkably comfortable as well! That must be one hell of a gentle cat that they have got!

"Fixed the hand sanitizer dispenser!"

Look, this sanitization station now has hand sanitizer available, so they've filled the brief! They weren't told to make it look pretty!

"The sign I saw in this car."

Pfft, that is just to throw people off! If it has been broken into ten times then that must mean that they are keeping valuable things in it, right?!