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14+ Signs That Sure Do Get A Message Across

Signs are a rather underappreciated form of communication. Written by one, seen by many, a concise way to express many types of messages and emotions.

While most are mundane, there are many that stand out and leave an impression on us consumers. Here are a few examples, 14+ signs that sure do get a message across.

"Sign at a local train station."

Bees are the most essential workers in the animal kingdom. It's nice to see them being left alone instead of chased out of their own workplace.

"Eloquently worded sign on one of my teachers’ door."

How to tell if someone is tired without even seeing their face.

"Buffet restaurant's sign."

I've never seen a buffet that goes out of their way to calculate this, it's really eye-opening!

"Someone spray painted the batman symbol on this neighbourhood watch sign."

Okay, but what if it was Batman who spray painted it? That'd be a pretty high honor to know he's watching after your block, specifically.

"A sign outside a off strip casino in Las Vegas [...]."

According to someone in the comments who knows this casino, someone did fall for a fake valet here, which is why they made the sign.

Really adding insult to injury for that person who got their car stolen.

"This sign outside the Harbor Master’s House."

The simplest explanation for water safety I've ever seen, kudos.


Cute, simple, not something coming at you so you don't need to process it quickly, the perfect sign!

"These signs at a hot dog restaurant in Sandy Springs, Georgia."

Good for them for setting boundaries. No nonsense here, just hot dogs.

"This dude blatantly ignoring park ordinance."

This one is more about sign failure. They don't provide a threat so people just won't listen!

"Sign at my local sushi joint."

I assumed they meant you'd lose a finger because they're so hot but I've come to understand it's a little more brutal than that.

"These road side signs in the UK countryside."

On the list entitled 'People I Don't Want To Dissapoint', David Attenborough is pretty high up there.

"Behave or die!"

Another restaurant that refuses to tolerate any sort of tomfoolery, but they're taking it even further. It's terrifying to imagine the sort of customer that would drive you to implementing a murder policy.

"A sign I passed on a walking trail over the weekend."

I like that this sign isn't saying the dragons are the threat, they just live there and want to be left alone.

"A man at the corner of Portage and St James, in Winnipeg, Canada, with a great message for everyone!"

This one's just nice. People who go out of their way to spread mass kindness like this are angels.

"This sign in a park in Manchester, England."

What a bad day it must have been for the guy who lost it. At least everyone believed that it happened!

"This sign always makes me laugh as I walk past it!"

Well, now I'm afraid to go in. I don't need a hairdresser to confirm the fact that I'm ugly, I'd rather live in blissful ignorance.

"Good will?"

This is probably better morally, but destroying them in a cathartic fit of rage is better mentally.

"Riots in Bath, UK."

I've never seen a riot quite this bad. Think of how many people were affected, some even left with scuffed shoes! The terror!

"The sign at the entrance to my church's parking lot as a response to people doing donuts in the lot."

"God is watching spin some sick donuts in this parking lot? Cool, I hope he enjoys the show."

"Beautiful testaments to science AND faith."

Seeing people get so excited for their vaccine and praise the science behind this development is just so sweet!

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